Hell Week

What do you get when you combine less than desirable living conditions, the month end closing, a visit from my boss, and deadlines for tuition and books for fall term? One crazy verybadcat, that’s what. Also, the air card is still not getting a good enough signal at the house, so when I get home, I’m limited to what I can access on my phone.

All that to say, I won’t be around much this week. My goal is to be back on track for TMI Thursday.

In the meantime, you could check out my Ebay auctions, friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. You know, to stave off the inevitable withdrawal you’ll experience.

Tell me what’s going on with you this week, to make me feel better when I end up waving the white flag and hitting “mark all as read” in my reader.


Looky Who’s Fabulous!

It would appear that while I was drifting through Dramaland, lil’ Miss LizSara decided I was fabulous.


I’m supposed to pass it on to 15 more people, but I’m giving it to everyone in my blogroll, because I’m just so damn pleased that someone thinks I’m fabulous, I can’t see straight.

Thanks love!

In Case You Didn’t Know

I’m adorable! Kim did the sweetest thing, she had some awards she hadn’t passed on that kinda piled up on her, and so she just made one big ol’ list of people and told them to pick one. So, yes, I picked my adorable award. Those were her rules. So there.


I’m passing on to:

Tricia, because she is adorable…

Stephanie, who was a most adorable bride…

Laura, because she rocks!

and last but not least, something of a white elephant gift to….

Mr. Apron

I happen to think he’s adorable, but it’s an acquired taste.


Yeah, the posting has been slim this week, and part of that is because of the close. The other part of it is that all that’s happened in the past few days is a whole lot of nothing, except neverending money issues, and oh, some people I was really fond of got laid off yesterday.  So what is there to say, really? Blah, blah, poor, blah, blah, sad, blah, blah, pestilence, famine, blah.

I do have an announcement, though I debated on posting it. I’m not going to Chicago. Money issues + roommate issues + no easy solution for either= I give up. Blah, pout, sad, tears, blah, I’ll act like I don’t really care because it’s easier than telling the truth, blah. Oh well. I’m eligible for 30SB in a few months (unfortunately?), so that’s probably where I really belong anyway.

Favorite quote of the week, from the Director of Operations:

“The pig is ugly. You hate the pig. Don’t make her the pig.”

I love that man.

I’ll have to see if I can do something stupid or have some kind of catastrophe today so that I have some posting fodder tomorrow. Or maybe I can just pull some previous drama out of the memory banks for TMI Thursday.

Blah, blah, good post ending, makes you laugh and want to comment, and maybe give me money, blah.

Lucky Duck

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, or you follow me on Twitter, you may already know that I’m taking a pay cut for the remainder of 2009 at least, along with the rest of my entire company. This blows. Hard. It, along with other pressures, puts my trip to Chicago in jeopardy, as well as affecting many things that are much more important than the Ultimate Meet Up (though that’s a damn short list, if you were wondering). Suckola.

Know what, though? I’m in a good mood today. I’m happy. Better than that, I’m lucky. Yep, I said it. Here’s a handy list of reasons I am lucky:

  • MH is doing anything and everything he can to save Chicago and right my world at large. He wants this trip for me as much or more than I want it for myself.
  • Because he loves me  and knows what is important to me.
  • Because he thinks I have actual, real, writing talent and wants to see my writing and my relationships and my bloggy goodness nurtured.
  • Our lettuce is kicking major ass, adding mostly free salads to our menu.
  • The onions and potatoes are rocking right along, which means a winter full of soups and mashed taters and yummy garden goodness.
  • I have a good job, that is mostly safe, and even with the pay cut, I’m treated pretty damn well.
  • Barring any surprises from the lab, I’m certified healthy (if not organic) by my new doctor..
  • My doctor rocks. He listens, he cares, and he’s on the ball, yo.
  • I’m the apple of my Daddy’s eye, and he called me last night to remind me.
  • Thanks to B, I’m eating organic eggs for free, now with extra beta carotene, which might actually keep me from going completely blind by 40.
  • LiLu is my friend on Facebook. SQUEE!  😉
  • I have the best freaders ever, in the whole wide world, and probably the universe, dimensions known and unknown.
  • Today is Re-pot Your Office Plants day, and mine need some love….
  • Re-pot Office Plants Day = cuttings for everyone= FREE PLANTS FOR ME.
  • I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
  • I might just have some friends,  I might love them, and they might love me too…
  • Between now and December I have:  four weeks of vacation, 3 three day weekends, a 4 day weekend, and a whole week of paid holidays.
  • MH + Daddy + my Uncle + CB + MH’s family + Matthew = a lot of men of varying talents who care about and look after me. There’s a girl’s list too, but I have a weakness for the boys.

I just wanted to remind myself how much I have to be grateful for. Happy Friday lovelies!

TMI Thursday: No Boundaries

Okay babies, today is TMI Thursday, and our subject this week is my Daddy, because he has no boundaries. A few examples for your entertainment…..

Upon the purchase of my first bra:

We were eating lunch with my Grandma (his Mom), and he reached behind me and snapped my bra. I, of course, turned a lovely shade of crimson and scowled. My Grandma chided my Dad for embarrassing me. His response? “She needs to get used to it now- you’ve met my wife, right? I figure that bra will fit her for about two weeks.”

Shortly before I had my first period:

He brought home a “starter kit” from Tampax, complete with pamphlets, friendship bracelets and free samples. When he gives it to me, he says: “Here, I got this for you. Girl, you’ll be a woman soon, and now I won’t have to run to the store when it happens.”

When that first period arrived:

Mom told him to pick me up some supplies during his regular grocery shopping. He comes home with the groceries, and exclaims as he sets the bags down on the table: “Fuck! FUCK! This is just great! Three girls, and I’ve got two on the rag and one in diapers!”

When I started birth control for medical reasons (at the tender age of 14):

He hands me the prescription and says: “This won’t keep you from getting the AIDS, Cathy. You need rubbers for that. These only keep you from getting knocked up.”

At any point after I required a bra and he caught me slouching:

“Stand up straight. Pull those shoulders back. Stick your boobs out- walk proud!”

When I was sixteen:

“We’ve not really talked about sex. I mean, I know you know how it works and all that. But you should know that what makes sex special is being discriminating about it. When you meet a guy, wait a month to have sex with him. Unless he’s really special, then two weeks is probably enough.”

When I tried to walk out of the house in the skimpiest tank top known to man:

“Your mother wants to burn that shirt. She says it’s underwear, and it does look like underwear, and you fill it out well. I’m not going to make you change, because I know why you’re wearing it. Wherever you’re going, there is some guy there that you want to see you in that shirt, and you want it to make him think things about you. So I’m only going to tell you this: that guy will see you, and he will think those things, and every other guy you see, even guys my age, will see you and think those very same things. They’ll think it right then, and then they’ll go home and think about you again…. so if you’re okay with that, I guess I can be.”

When he walked in on MH and I in the mother of all compromising positions:

“Um, hey, you two, dinner’s ready, when you’re finished.”

And now, sweet dears, the grand finale………

Upon finding out that my Mom and I have the same bone structure, even though she was almost 100 pounds heavier than me at the time:

“I can’t believe your Mom could look like you if she put the fork down. I mean, for Chrissakes, Cathy, I can’t even let her get on top anymore. I can’t take it!”

Blue Ridge Bloggers

So I went looking for a regional blogging network the other day. There wasn’t one. So… I made one.

Blue Ridge Bloggers

If you’re blogging from the Blue Ridge, why don’t you join? 😉