Brand New Day

I got up early today. Very, very early. I got some things done that I have been trying to do for some time. It’s only a little after 8am, and instead of sitting here falling asleep, I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed. I feel so much better already!

This will be my new routine from now on, and I have a feeling it will make all the difference. I’m getting the things done that are important to me before the rest of the world has a chance to suck my life force out of me. That’s important, because I was giving the best part of myself to my job, and frankly? They don’t pay for it. 😉

Now let’s see what time I end up in bed tonight…

Are you a night owl, or a morning glory?


9 Responses

  1. both…insomnia. I am a fairly light sleeper, when I finally go to sleep. I hafta go to work in the morning, otherwise I feel as though my day is totally shot and I end up super cranky by the end of the night. However I can’t ever fall asleep before at least 11PM, even when I take unisom or whatever. But i am always awake no later than 7AM. Which is cool. Last night I think I fell asleep at around 2AM (after forcing myself off the computer) and I even took a sleeping pill at around 9PM before that! And then I was awakened at something like 5:30 this morning for a bunch of thunder. And I have been awake since.

    If I wasn’t feeling so lazy I would have done something constructive besides watching tv.

  2. Night owl with insomnia. No matter what time I GET UP in the morning, WAKING UP is about 2 hours later. But after about 8 at night I “kick in” and could easily spend 6-8 productive hours. Unfortunately, due to having to work, that’s the time I SHOULD be winding down.

    I’m rootin’ for ya, Lady! Go for it!

  3. Totally night owl. Now that I’m not working I’m up until midnight or later sometimes and waking up around 9am – this is perfect for me.

  4. Since I’ve been laid-off I’m definitely more of a night owl. I love sleeping in and staying up late reading!

  5. Best of luck on the new routine! 🙂 I’m a night owl who dreams of one day being a morning glory, meaning I’m not nearly as productive as I want to be in the night. 😀

  6. I am SO a morning person! It’s not that it’s extraordinarily easy for me to get out of bed, so much as I hate wasting my time. So I’d rather hop out of bed and be productive. When it comes to nights, I get tired so easily and cannot stay up late, no matter how much I want to!

  7. Night owl here, but can be a morning person once coffee is involved.

  8. I used to be a night owl. But really I’m just an anti-morning person. That’s the best way I can describe it.

  9. NIGHT OWL. WIthout a doubt. Second wind usually comes around 10pm and if it was up to me I’d be up to 2 every night.

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