What I Want

  • a decent night’s sleep. yes, my old friend insomnia is visiting again.
  • for my body to be as strong as my soul.
  • serenity, read: lack of panic and racing thoughts.
  • security, read: knowing what lies ahead, at least to a reasonable degree, rather than being constantly blindsided by life’s obstacles.
  • i’ve got some kickin’ shame i’d love to get rid of. or maybe it’s guilt. hard to tell.
  • more time, without less money.
  • joy. i need some joy in my life. just pure, unadulterated bliss, without reservation, caveat, etc.
  • this bookkeeping job? seriously sucking my soul. would like to fix that, however possible.

What do you want?

5 Responses

  1. I wanto so many more things!!! 🙂
    but round the same subjects… 🙂

  2. I want peace, quiet, relaxation, enough money to be secure, just enough.

    I want health for my husband, for me.

    I want a different life than the one I’ve made.

  3. you wanna come apprentice under me? There is no pay, but no desk job, either!

    I know, I know…..

  4. My two weeks notice to be over. Like NOW.

  5. money. lots of it.

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