Yeah, the posting has been slim this week, and part of that is because of the close. The other part of it is that all that’s happened in the past few days is a whole lot of nothing, except neverending money issues, and oh, some people I was really fond of got laid off yesterday.  So what is there to say, really? Blah, blah, poor, blah, blah, sad, blah, blah, pestilence, famine, blah.

I do have an announcement, though I debated on posting it. I’m not going to Chicago. Money issues + roommate issues + no easy solution for either= I give up. Blah, pout, sad, tears, blah, I’ll act like I don’t really care because it’s easier than telling the truth, blah. Oh well. I’m eligible for 30SB in a few months (unfortunately?), so that’s probably where I really belong anyway.

Favorite quote of the week, from the Director of Operations:

“The pig is ugly. You hate the pig. Don’t make her the pig.”

I love that man.

I’ll have to see if I can do something stupid or have some kind of catastrophe today so that I have some posting fodder tomorrow. Or maybe I can just pull some previous drama out of the memory banks for TMI Thursday.

Blah, blah, good post ending, makes you laugh and want to comment, and maybe give me money, blah.


10 Responses

  1. Yeay, soon you will join me as a 30SB’er

  2. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. $$ is really messing with everyone these days.

  3. Money is a real bitch. Seriously.

  4. I’ll be joining you next year…

  5. There’s a 30something bloggers? Jesus. What do they write about? Gardening? Ear hair? Tushie flab? Wheel of Fortune?

    Hmmmm…. that must be why so many 29-year-old bloggers kill themselves.

    (Please don’t call Crisis Intervention on me. I’m cool.)

  6. Honestly, I wish I could rewind to 30. 27-37 was a wasted decade.

    I know you wanted to make the trip & I know all too well about plans meeting reality and vapourizing. Still, I believe that you have good things ahead of you.

    *platitudes, trite words meant to comfort, witty commentary, blah, blah, blah….*

  7. I’m sorry I know how you wanted to go. 😦

  8. Damn that sucks! I can’t go to the meet-up either…money sucks!

  9. I love that: I’ll have to do something today so I’ll have something to post about tomorrow. Some days I feel like that and some days (like today) I feel like PLEASE JUST MAKE IT STOP!

  10. I’m sorry to hear about the blahness, but boy do I get it. I’ll miss you in Chicago. 😦

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