Who Am I, Already?

Just when I think I’ve gotten my crazy little brain and heart all figured out, I surprise myself.

I’m thinking about doing something. Something pretty damn unlike me. Something a little crazy- crazy enough that I’m not even sure I should post about it here. If you found twenty people who knew me fairly well, and asked them how likely I would be to do what I think I’m probably going to do, twenty out of twenty would tell you there was no effing way. None.

My mind isn’t all made up. I could still welch. I really don’t see that happening, though, because when I think about how unlike me it is, or how it involves things that I would not normally  subject myself to voluntarily, I catch myself grinning. Taking a little joy in stepping out of my conservative, cautious skin and being wild for a change. It also makes me wonder, though, what else do I have up my sleeve that I don’t even know about yet?

What have you done, or want to do, that doesn’t fit your current image of yourself?


7 Responses

  1. May I advise you against the swastika tattoo on your forehead? I know some people who can make it work, but I’m just not sure you can pull it off.

    As for myself– um… once I…. uh…. shat myself, which is unlike me. But it was by accident.

  2. Ummmm – don’t do it? LOL

  3. I once bought concert tickets (and a plane ticket) to see a concert 1500 miles from home because it would give me an opportunity to meet someone who I’d talked to online who lived vaguely in the area of the concert. It totally wasn’t in the budget and was completely something I would NEVER do. But I did it.

    If it involves getting nether regions punctured. I’d advise against it. If it involves permanent ink, just make sure you remember it’s FOR LIFE.

    Rock on!

  4. i’m pretty sure you need to facebook me and let me in on this secret. no, really. i must know.

  5. I want a tattoo… but I haven’t found the cajones to do it yet…

  6. My interest is definitely piqued on this one. I’ve always toyed with sky-diving. Cliche, yes, but the itch is still there…

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