/hissy fit

Thank you all for your comments and emails. I love you guys! I feel a little better today than I did yesterday, and hopefully tomorrow will be better than today.

I also got some really incredible news this afternoon that should go a long way in making me a very happy girl. Wish I could say what it is, but a girl’s gotta keep some secrets………

(am not knocked up, don’t even think it. 1. degree. 2. babies.)

So. Consider me having stepped back from the ledge. Just in time for the month end closing and the end of the school term. You know what? I couldn’t be more grateful to be buried in responsibilty at the moment. Wonder how long that will last…


One Response

  1. Promotion?

    Long-awaited transfer?

    Modern Hillbilly got a book deal?

    Somebody else got knocked up besides you?

    Ed McMahon dropped by with a check?

    Do tell!

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