Spring has finally settled into the mountains. The winds are gentle and warm from the south, the trees are beginning to leaf out. Wildflowers are strewn about like candy thrown from a pinata.

Critters are starting to travel in pairs. The cardinals that occupy the bushes and trees in our front yard give us a display of their mating rituals; the male on one side of the drive, chirping and calling out to the female on the other side, until he flies over and swoops past her, and they fly together for a few moments before resuming their posts and serenades.  Geese are on their nests, and the fish aren’t far behind. The next full moon is May 9th, and that generally brings the smell of hot fish sex to the surface of the water with a quickness.

So is it any wonder that we human animals are heading in the same direction? Warm sun and air caresses my skin, enveloping me in a lust so thick, so heady that I would not be shocked if it were visible about my person, like steam rising off of the lake in the morning as the sun rises. I know with certainty that it shows in my eyes, in the swing of my hips as I walk through the yard, skirt billowing a bit as the wind catches the hem. Perching in any place where the sunlight warms me from the inside out, and from bottom to top, stretching and preening like a cat.

Yes, the mating season is upon us…….

Someone may want to inform the husbands, as we office girls have been driven to the edge of desperation by their neglect and are taking this incredible sunny afternoon to make a trip to the Store. And loveys? I don’t think I should tell you that we ain’t grocery shopping…….

6 Responses

  1. I don’t get it.

    Shoe shopping?

    Isn’t that what horny women do?

  2. not a bad way to spend part of the workday.

    • certainly not. best use of a lunch break ever. now, to try and concentrate for a few hours….

      …an exercise in futility, i’m afraid. 😉

  3. Wait wait wait…

    Hot fish sex has a a smell? I did not know this.

    • Sure does, and I bet if I took you out on the water and pointed it out, you’d just attach the smell with the source. You’ve smelled it, I’m sure.

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