Snow, Potatoes, Love, and Campfires….

That’s what my week has in store for me. I said that Spring had sprung, and my punishment is roughly 1.6″ of accumulation tonight and tomorrow night. This always happens in early April, though. Nine years ago, I planned my wedding for April 8th, at high elevation in Northwest Georgia. April 7th was warm, sunny and clear, with a slight breeze. April 8th? Record lows, fog, bitter cold winds. Our honeymoon? Pretty damn chilly.

Wednesday or Thursday, we’ll set our onions, potatoes, broccoli and cabbage. The weather will have warmed up a little by then, and we might even consider sowing some seed. I have a permanent bed in the front yard for my herbs now, so I’m pretty excited about that, especially since we’re going to expand it to roughly twice it’s current size before the season is over. I’m going to have oregano and mint coming out my ears, ya’ll.

Wednesday is our 9th wedding anniversary. Brace yourself for some mushy, sentimental posts. Fair warning.

In celebration of our 9th wedding anniversary, we are leaving Friday afternoon for a camping trip.  It’s been entirely too long since we last took off into the woods with our gear and our dog. Hopefully this cold snap won’t put a damper on the fishing and wildflower hunting, or we’ll just have to find another way to spend our time…..

I’m slowly, ever so slowly catching up on things around here. Going to have to work some magic to get my deadlines for school out of the way before this trip.

Last but certainly not least? We’re done with dial up! We are now the proud owners of a cellular antenna, a repeater, and an aircard. What does this mean? It means that we have broadband at home now. It means our cellphones work for more than sending and receiving text messages when we’re at home. It means no more connecting to the internet and heading off to fix a snack while waiting for things to load. It means working from home sometimes. It means getting rid of the land line bill and signing my firstborn over to Verizon. It’s wonderful, though, and well worth it.

So. Since I’ve given you all an update, and my Google reader is upwards of the seven hundreds- how are you doing, lovelies?

4 Responses

  1. Yeah this weather is driving me a little crazy. It was gorgeous this weekend and then I wake up Monday morning and it’s raining. I could go for a little meteorological consistency!

    Good luck on setting the vegetables too!

    Rain I can handle. It’s the snow that will make me crazy….

  2. Mother Nature is a bitch! It was 75 degrees on Sunday, it’s 45 right now. Can’t wait to go camping with you and Binky, should be fun!

    That was too kind. Mother Nature is a dirty fucking whore. Glad that the weather should be good for camping, though. Almost makes this worth it. Almost.

  3. Whoa. What the hell is a repeater and an aircard?

    You’re starting to become as indecipherable as your husband when he yammers on about fly-fishing.

    The cellular antenna brings the weak signal from the tower. The repeater boosts the signal so that it’s nice and strong under my aluminum roof. The air card is like a cellphone modem for the computer. And you, my dear, are cuter than a stinkbug. 😉

  4. So what is the approximate cost of this new stuff? monthly or what?

    The equipment was about $700. We didn’t pay for that. We did pay $40 for the air card and $50 a month for the data service, but since I can kill the land line, it’s a swap. So, a one time investment of $40, overall.

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