Hairy Mess

Let’s talk about something significant. Something of crucial importance.

My hair.

When I was little (like itty bitty), it was long. I loved that. Then my Mom’s half ass home visit hair cutter lady gave me a mullet. In the fifth grade. No joke. I permed it, to hide the mullet, and swore off short hair and layers forever.

Since then, I’ve softened my stance. I’ve gone as short as just barely touching my shoulders, and I’ve accepted some long layers at times. But I’m still a little gun-shy about my hair.

Right now, it’s a good few inches longer than shoulder length. It’s also half ass curly, which I love. LOVE.

I’ve been toying with the idea of going Short. (yes, with a capital S) As in chin length short. As in un-bun-able (which is what I do with it most of the time). My fears are that my face is too angular for such a short cut, and I’m also a little nervous that it will go Bozo on me without the weight to keep it in submission.

So, if you have a few minutes today that you wouldn’t mind donating to my neurosis (beyond the few minutes you’re giving me now), please go to my about page, and/or to my Facebook profile, and tell me what you think. Leave it long, or hack it off? Of course, if we aren’t already Facebook friends, you’ll have to do that first. Which is nice and tricky, just like me. 😉

I know the guys may be more reluctant to do this for me, but I want to know what you think too.. so please? Pretty please? I wish you could see my pouty lip- it works wonders on WH…

Thank you, interwebz, for weighing in on this crucial decision.


9 Responses

  1. Here’s what I always tell myself – I can do more with long hair (ponytails, buns, etc) than I can with short hair. If you hate your hair short all you can do is wait until it grows out.

  2. go to chin and no shorter, maybe something like up higher in back or something.

  3. While you are childless and, hence do not have to worry about vomitus clinging to your long tresses, keep that shit long.

    After the first puppy, hack it off.

  4. i reeeally don’t think your face is too angular for a shorter cut, but if you’re worried about that, doing an inverted bob offsets that a little bit. actually, that’s how i had my hair cut from may until it was too long to work like that anymore and i was pretty much in love with it. if i didn’t want my long hair back i’d run to a salon and cut it like that again in a heartbeat.

    no matter what, you owe us before/afters! 🙂

  5. Well, seeing as how know I know very little about ladies hair, and that I have limited hair myself, this is one I should be quiet about.


    I’d say keep it long. I generally like long hair and I think it would look good at the long lengths. But that’s just me- do what you think is right!

  6. Have you thought about bangs? It did wonders for my sex appeal (in my head at least).

  7. I think it would look cute, just make sure you go to someone who knows what’s they’re doing!

  8. I am sucker for short hair… so hey… you know what my answer is… 😉

    I think it would look fine on ya!!!


  9. Still undecided, but leaning towards still having something to hold on to. ; )

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