Whisker Biscuit: Defeated

Dear interwebz, I have a confession.  I did not wax under the waxing moon. I chickened out. Do you blame me? I didn’t think so. I had resigned myself to my razor; to forty minute baths and pretzel like poses and the unholy- biscuit stubble. Then I received an email from these folks, asking me if I was interested in reviewing their shaver. I said “hell, yes”, and they kindly sent me one in exchange for this review. That was the package I was anxiously awaiting.

WH tried it on his arm first, then handed it over.

I love it.

The process was time consuming, but I attribute that to the learning curve and my incredible attention to detail. Both shavers must be used gently, with little to no pressure applied. They aren’t meant to withstand much if any abuse, but there really isn’t much potential for abuse. The kit comes in a sturdy black box that would fit nicely in a suitcase. The closeness of the finisher blows a regular razor out of the water.

Because it’s a dry shaver, my baths are going to be much shorter. No more not wearing a skirt because I took a bath the night before and not that morning. The trimmer works well for spots that don’t get a lot of attention, but my goal will be to keep up with the finisher as much as possible. The shape of both tools is ideal, and the finisher is small and sturdy enough to be carried in my purse. Because five o’ clock shadows are not sexy when they’re in your armpits.

All together, a much more pleasant experience than waxing, and much better results than wet shaving. It’s a keeper.


8 Responses

  1. Hurrah for product reviews! Good Lord, there are a plethora of products I’d love to try and then review on my site. I’ll even try people’s “miracle diets” if I can get stuff for free.

    Glad to hear it works for you!

  2. Wow – I would love the chance to try this shaver out for a review! 🙂 I uh decided to shave it all this weekend – just waiting for the stubble and ingrown hairs to drive me back to only shaving the essentials. Tried some “Bikini Zone” gel as it says it prevents the bumps but I think I feel them forming now.

    Wondering if hubby’s unused Norelco would work? HMMM

    The finisher looks awesome!

  3. UPDATE – hubby’s unused $90 Norelco did a great job! 🙂 I have it charging up for further attempts at keeping the hair at bay! LOL Not sure I’ll use it on my legs but for the bikini area I think it might do the trick.

  4. Well I most certainly do not blame you for passing on the waxing. But that’s good that you found something that works. That’s such a great feeling, finding something that’s easy and do-able and that gets the job done, whatever job that is. And you get to say au revoir to waxing, always a wonderful thing.

  5. I like it, or should I say the results! : )

  6. I’ve always wondered if those things worked!

  7. “It’s a keeper?!”

    Wait a minute– they’re letting you keep it?


    Dear BMW,

    I would like a new BMW x6, please. In exchange, I will write a review of said vehicle on my blog, http://mymasonicapron.blogspot.com. I would prefer the xDrive50i, but will settle for the slightly underpowered xDrive35i. Please have the vehicle outfitted with paddle-shifters, taupe leather with contrasting piping and chrome-tipped exhaust pipes.

    Thank you.

  8. I am glad it worked well for you. We always open to suggestions about improving quality of this product, so if you have any, feel free to contact us, contact info is available on a website. Also please let us know about any problems you had with “how to use” instruction or anything like that.

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