Complete and Utter Randomness

I tried to grasp some meaningful thought to turn into a post. But it’s Thursday, and I’m kind of dizzy, for some reason, and scattered- my thoughts are scattered, and well. Here we are.

  • Am addicted to Facebook. WH pointed out Tuesday night- “I think you might have a problem”. No, I do not have a problem. Particularly if the consequence of admitting that I had a problem would  limit my Facebook time. Nothing to see here. Step away from my laptop. I will bite you if I have to.
  • Am growing addicted to two things about Facebook:  a very cool new online BFF with an addiction to wordiness that happily rivals mine, and readers tracking me down. Seriously. When I log on to the shiny goodness that is Facebook and I have a message or a friend request, and it says “hey, i found you! i read your blog…”, I squeal on the inside. Am not a squealer, either, lest you underestimate the importance here.
  • My noncommittal mop of hair (we’re curly, no wait! wavy, no, wait- straight-ish, NO. WAIT. CURLY!) has taken quite well to Infusium 23 Frizzology products. Of course, I cannot find them consistantly anywhere in Asheville. Which drives me to look them up at, which means I find them half off, which means I spend the rest of my day looking for a few more things to add to the cart to get free shipping. Which means I wonder if the extra things I buy, less the shipping money, less the discount on the hair stuff is cheaper or more expensive than driving around a little to find it locally, and how much is a gallon of gas going for these days? And then I get irritated because even shampoo is complicated.
  • Am drooling over this, and have been for awhile, and should really just stop. Because we don’t have the money for it, and I don’t really *need* it, (at least not until my trip in June), and I don’t even know how it snuck back into my head after I chased it away last time, but it keeps coming back… and I find myself wondering what color I should get, because green would match my purse (same company), but everyone makes fun of the ugly color, so red maybe, but then if I carried it with my purse it would look all Christmasy and that’s not the look I’m going for, and if I got black then it wouldn’t look dirty so quick, but my purse isn’t black and it’s not dirty, and would I just put my purse in there, but that’s stupid, or would I empty the contents of my purse into this and then just find a place to shove the empty purse? No, scratch that, but how would I carry two backpacks at once, since my purse is a backpack style type purse? I could figure it out, I’m sure. I would manage to cope with both. It will be fine. It will be wonderful, and look, everything is out of stock except black, so that settles that. WAIT! ARE THEY DISCONTINUING IT? BEFORE I CAN AFFORD IT?! NO! NO! CANNOT HAPPEN! I MUST HAVE IT NOW, AND BLACK IS FINE. IT’S FINE. EXCEPT FOR THE WHOLE TWO BACKPACK THING BUT REALLY IT’S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL IF I JUST PUT BOTH STRAPS OVER ONE SHOULDER. AND WHY AM I EVEN THINKING ABOUT THIS WHEN I AM NOT GOING TO BUY THIS BAG. STEP AWAY FROM THE SITE.
  • If I had some extra spending money, it would need to go towards the purchase of my Allure perfume, because the bottle is getting close to dry, and I can’t have that.
  • But I do have to be grateful, because at one point WH wasn’t sure that he liked it and he wanted me to find something else, and I was sad because I do love it so, but the other day he told me I smelled good and he hasn’t complained about not liking it in months and I think I won him over and yay! Win-win. Except when I run out and can’t replace it. That’s not so much a win.
  • WH is picking up a package for me at the Post Office today, and I am super, uber pumped, and no, I cannot tell you what it is, not yet at least, but I will soon (tell you, that is), and it will be amazing and we will all be very happy. Well, maybe me more than you, but you’ll be happy for me, right? RIGHT?!
  • I’m not sure why I feel so woozy, but I wish I could just pass out or throw up or whatever and get it over with, because then I could eat peanut butter eggs or not want any. Jellybeans too. That Easter candy is sitting in my cabinet here in my office, mocking me. Can you hear it? I can. come eat us, come taste our peanut buttery chocolate goodness… you know you wanna…
  • We have clients in the office and one of them has some kind of epic iron lung cough, and it sounds like he’s getting ready to barf, and that makes me even barfier than I was in the first place, and I want to tell him to stop. But he can’t help it. And this is why people say I’m difficult, because I have the expectations that if your bodily function is freaking me out you will stop it.
  • I need more plants.

12 Responses

  1. This is why I try not to shake hands with people. People think feet are gross, but I’d kind of rather shake one of those sometimes. At least you know the foot’s been in a shoe all day. The hands: they’ve been some crazy fucking places.

  2. There definitely is a certain dizzy quality and random-ness to this post, but that’s ok!

    Yeah, I probably have a Facebook addiction. But it hasn’t negatively impacted my life yet, so I don’t have to change, right?

    Mmmmm you’ve made me start to think about Easter candy too… haha

  3. Ok so I am gonna say this online cause I feel safer that way (and uhhh how else would I say it?). Check and see if your pregnant. Early on I would get all woozy and feel SUPER scatterbrained. Just sayin!

    I didn’t like facebook right away. Now I am on that damned YoVille. I am totally hooked.

    • So not pregnant. Don’t even think it! 🙂 Degree first, then babies. Okay? Not to mention- if I wasted $40 refilling my birth control…….

  4. i’d all but given up on facebook until my blog friends started finding me there. i’m addicted again. yes. totally.

    also, i have been using a shampoo for the past year and with the exception of trying to buy it in my tiny home town once last summer, i haven’t had a problem finding it AT ALL. until last week. and i wasn’t about to go driving all over the place looking for it, so i picked up a formula by the same brand that i used to use when i had much longer hair that i tended to keep straight on a regular basis and wouldn’t you know? totally not cooperating with the current hair. BAH. but it smeeeeells good, so i kinda don’t wanna throw it out.

    do you have a stash of cadbury eggs? best. easter candy. ever.

    • not a cadbury egg fan. i think that’s the first thing we’ve discovered that we don’t have in common…

  5. Very happy for you! Whatever may be in the mysterious box 😀

  6. I, too, am a Facebook addict. And won’t even consider giving it up.

    I went through the same kind of thing about my M-51 Engineer’s Bag. I wanted it… I lusted after it… I couldn’t afford it..And then… I just went ahead and got it because I knew I could not be happy until I got it. I Love It.

    I’ve never smelled Allure… I’ll have to see if I can find it…

  7. That bag is freaking adorable. Now I want one. Dammit!

  8. That’s how I feel too– I love getting bloggy friend requests on facebook.

  9. Yes, you are addicted to facebook. One of the reasons I won’t start a page is that I’m afraid it’s the only way we’ll talk. : )

    Is this bag thing turning into the fleece thing? Remember being cut off from fleece?


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