First Breath of Spring

We got our first breath of spring today. A warm front came in from the south a day or two ago, it melted the snow and took the edge off the cold. Today it was sunny and 75 degrees. We slept in, a little, and then started our chores. WH worked in the basement while I cleaned up the house. By noon, I had every window and door in the house flung wide open. The sun on the porch was steady and warm.  An old, sweet beagle who appeared on the side porch this morning spent the day sleeping in the sun, while we waited for his owners to get our message and call us back.  (They just picked him up.)I vacuumed out the windowsills, vacuumed the whole house from top to bottom and did some mopping.

That all sounds pretty boring, and I guess it was. The incredible thing about today was the weather and our reaction to it. This was the first real warm weather we’ve had this year. That warm sunshine sunk into every nook and cranny of the house, wrapping me in silken seduction. So comfortable, and comforting. When I finished my chores and homework it was late afternoon, and 78 degrees in the house. I took a long, hot bath and napped. The kind of lazy, sprawled out, half covered coma nap that I wish I could bottle.

The ground is warming up, and the iris have started to bravely peek out of the front beds, small green tips of hope. Promising more days like today- warm and light, with the sweet smell of damp earth drying out and heating up. The beginning of another cycle. Regeneration. The end of winter’s dormancy, an awakening of nature as the enviroment becomes hospitable to growth.

Winter isn’t over yet. There will be more cold snaps. More bitter winds and gray, raw days. Maybe even another snow or two.  Tomorrow won’t even be as warm as today was. That first breath is delicious though, that reminder of what is to come- soon enough, it will be that warm more often than not. The mountains will come alive again, as warm winds blow in from the south and chase the new lime green of spring up the ridge lines.  A carpet of lush green will replace the stark silent brown of cold soil. When we get that next cold snap or raw rainy day, I’ll remember that nap I took this afternoon, and how sweet the house smells this evening as the cool night air floods in.

I will have hope.

5 Responses

  1. It was 55 here today – not quite warm enough to open up all the windows but I enjoyed some time outside in the sun before the rain started.

    I’m jealous of your nap. 🙂

  2. I can’t wait for spring to… well spring into action! This cold and having to wear my heavy coat everyday is getting a little bit tiring.

  3. Now I feel incredibly guilty for sitting in front of the tv reading blogs. Time to motivate and enjoy this day.

  4. It certainly seems that Spring is HERE. There’s a scent here when Spring has arrived.
    Glad you’ve gotten a little relief from the cold and snow.

  5. We were outside cleaning up the yard on Saturday and I noticed that our irises were peeking out as well! the only other person who could quite understand my excitment upon seeing that is you!

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