Sexy Blogger Award….

The Passionate Bookworm gave me this awesome award. I have to name five sexy things about myself, and WH isn’t even here to help! Let’s see….

I’m told that when I manage to sport an attitude without being bitchy (probably five days out of a month ;)), it’s pretty damn sexy.

My love for short skirts, thigh highs and high heels? That’s pretty sexy, if I do say so myself.

I’m a passionate, sensual person. I I have  a deep appreciation for sensual experiences- truffles, cashmere, warm air on bare skin, the simple feeling of a hand resting on my upper thigh…

In person, I’m a toucher.  I’ll put my arm around your shoulders or my hand on your arm without even thinking about it. Personal space? What’s that?

The fifth sexy thing about me is a big, juicy secret. Aren’t secrets sexy? 😉

Now it’s time to find out why you’re sexy, my seductive freaders. Passing this on to:

’til the river runs dry

Modern Hillbilly (be warned, ladies. he’s taken. 😉 )

Middle Age Mania


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