The Stress, Depression, and Root Canal Diet

My pants are dangerously close to being too big. I need a belt, stat. Am I happy about it? Hell ya, because girls just have this inherent happiness hard wired into us. When our pants won’t stay put, no matter what we say, part of us is thrilled.

Have I been doing a good job of working out and eating healthy? Hell, no. My once clean work out space has again been cluttered up and thoroughly funked out, and WH will not help me with it until I get my potting bench organized in the basement. Something about putting stuff from the office in the basement before the basement is clean, blah, blah, boys are a pain in the ass, blah.

As the post title states, this weight loss is entirely involuntary.

When I am stressed, my stomach gets upset. When my stomach is upset, I don’t eat.

When I am depressed? I used to be a huge comfort eater, and once in awhile, I run down that road again (maybe waddle is more appropriate?), but for the most part, I avoid eating when I’m depressed, as kind of a countermeasure against eating too much to comfort myself. Analyze that!

My bad tooth, the Number Five (as named by my dentist), is helping as well. It’s an upper right tooth, and the cavity is at the gum line. So I can chew a little bit on that side. However. Anything colder or warmer than room temperature and sweeter than tap water hitting the Number Five? Not cool. As in I think I might pass out. I’m drinking everything but coffee through a straw. I can’t even eat cereal, as it’s too hard to keep the milk out of the Number Five.

Let’s consider that for a moment. Me being unable to eat cereal. My staple of life. I’m still eating it, dry out of the box, but I don’t eat much because it’s just not the same…..

I did not weigh myself this morning. Partly because I don’t want to know, partly because if my pants are too big that tells me what I need to know, and partly because I had already put my pants on. Like any woman worth her salt, I prefer to shed anything and everything possible before stepping on the self-esteem measuring machine scale.

I’m sure that as soon as I get to the dentist and get that root canal (March 9th! Unless they have a cancellation!), and get to the doctor for some little blue pills (Zoloft, not Viagra, you tools), I’ll gain back whatever I’ve lost, but until then?

Send belts, please.


10 Responses

  1. I am so going on your diet, because my diet (the I’m Just Going to Ignore This Gut Diet) isn’t working.

  2. To paraphrase a quote from Seinfeld that’s somewhat relevant: “That’s the good thing about getting sick, you get to get thin.”

    But I hope the stress, depression and tooth pains go away, but the way stays away as well!

  3. There are so many in a funk/stressed right now. I hope your appointment gets moved up soon. Tooth pain is awful. Not being able to eat cereal? I love it like you and think I might die.

  4. Stress, anxiety and drugs are the reason that I went down to a size 2. Not so much the drugs themselves, but the money I spent buying ’em, which left no $$ for real sustenance.

  5. You should write a book about this diet…

    it would sell millions.

  6. Aside from the root canal bit,
    I’m familiar with this diet.

    Why is it that when the weight loss is involuntary it seems destined to return?

    For me, sometimes I feel like the fact I didn’t try to lose weight means I don’t deserve to be my new size…

  7. You could use a piece of rope. I hate belts. Something about them makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ll wear too big of pants and just constantly pull them up instead of properly wearing a belt.

    But I’m neurotic like that…

  8. I have to tangentially admit that I want to use the line “partly because I had already put my pants on” as an excuse to not do things.

    “Are you going to grad school?” “No.” “Why?” et cetera.

    But on the content note, stress is not just bad for your sanity, it’s incidentally also bad for your eyes and your skin, even if it might help reduce weight.

    Here’s hoping you get back to eating cereal soon. 🙂

  9. I suppose it is a little blessing amidst everything else…

  10. I really would love to do that “no comfort food” thing – is there some particular trick to that? I think it would require a lobotomy on my part.

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