Panty Rant

Okay, so I’m wearing a g string today. Yeah, I’m publishing my underwear status on the internet, because apparently it’s old news.

Low riding jeans+g string+ sweater that doesn’t go down to my knees= peeks of string on hip?

Is this a super major faux pas?

And why are all the men in the office playing “Panty Watch 2009”?! I don’t flaunt my panties, not intentionally, and if I knew anyone could see my strings I would have corrected it immediately.

So now I’m getting my informants telling me that people who normally never flirt or pay me any mind at all are joking around about Pepto being good for them? (Strings are pink.)

How fucking ridiculous is it that I’m thinking about just never wearing underwear to work again, lest someone catch a glimpse of it?! What will they talk about then? They can guess at why they don’t see strings, but that’s about it.


I don’t mind them seeing and/or enjoying, though I could do without hearing about their comments. I do mind them judging (using as fodder to call me unprofessional) me over it. I try to be mindful  of my image and appearance, but it’s very frustrating to live under a microscope. Sometimes it feels like whatever I do or wear, tongues are always wagging.



5 Responses

  1. I should not be the first one commenting on this but… I think your reaction is appropriate but you shouldn’t let it dictate what you do. Plus, they (the men) should have enough class(?) to not be talking about this super publicly. It’s just in poor taste, and there’s a ridiculous double standard; if my boxers are somehow visible when I’m doing something, it’s not the end of the world. I don’t know, but those are my thoughts.

    /response to rant

  2. I know some professionals who make these kinds of quips about things like G strings, and though I don’t participate, I can tell you that non-classy jabs are only for reinforcing male machismo. And maybe a laugh. But there’s no opinion change of the G stringed person beyond what they already know about you – it’s just something to talk about.

    But consider this: your G string gives you the power to influence those around you, and whether that’s negative or positive, you are the one calling the shots and they are just the peanut gallery. Salmonella peanuts, at that.

    On an only slightly related note, I’m considering renaming my band to Panty Rant.

  3. Of course it’s wrong of them to be discussing your underwear (I might get my feminist license revoked for this) but at least they’re not ragging on you 🙂

    Pssst…Take IzzyMom off your blogroll. IzzyMom is dead! Viva La Caffeinatrix!!!!

  4. I think going commando is the answer here! 🙂

  5. That’s awesome. They all blogged about you that night.

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