Honest Scrap

Oh, looky here! MsDarkstar tagged me for this little award……….

Now I have to list 10 honest things about myself. I’m guessing they should be things not revealed thus far. My incredibly high rate of self disclosure sticks it to me yet again.

  • I refuse to take medicine. Birth control- I’m good with that. Antibiotic- fine, I’m sick, I’ll eat them. But if I have a headache, or a head cold? Or some cramps? You generally couldn’t pay me to take some Tylenol or Advil. It makes WH crazy. I’ll whine all day long about my poor head (or abdomen), but will refuse to do anything about it.
  • I read the other blogs. (NSFW)
  • The fact that any of the decent cattails domains (.net, .org, .com) are taken? Makes me kind of violent. Even though I don’t have the money to buy a domain right now and would probably give myself a bald spot trying the other WordPress.
  • I live in fear of the wrong people discovering the blog and getting their feelings hurt, but I truly long to share this important part of my life with nearly anyone who means anything to me.
  • I’m a total blog baby. I get my feelings hurt when I don’t get enough comments. I get upset over blogrolls. I feel left out when I don’t get tagged. I’m generally oversensitive about the blogosphere, though I hide it well.
  • Also filed under: immature- Valentine’s Day is a big deal to me. I went a long fucking time being upset and depressed and left out on the V-day, and now that I’m eternally attached,  and half ass popular, I want to rake it in.
  • I may complain about being the voice of my division on all of our automated menus, but it makes me really happy. Especially when I call in sick to hear myself. “thank you for calling…. our offices are currently closed………”
  • A beautiful Brit blogger complained about overt male attention on the streets last week. Am not afraid (mostly), actually secretly love it.
  • Am worried about appearing to narcissistic in this post.
  • More worried about my general reputation re: narcissism than actually, you know, being narcissistic and working on that.
  • As much as I love my BFF R, I think I might love driving her crazy MORE.

I’m not going to tag 10 people, but I wanna see what Tricia, Kim and the facinating Tom say…….



11 Responses

  1. I definitely empathize with you on a couple of those points. I am definitely a blog baby and I get sad or upset when people don’t leave comments. I definitely came to enjoy Valentine’s Day a lot more last year when I had someone to lavish attention on. But now that I am unattached, I will go back to directing my usual bitterness at the day, haha.

    Well I’m honored that you think I’m fascinating but I already beat you to the punch! I already did a post of this nature, and you can check it out right here. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks! I’ll try to do this Wed once the training and hogging of my time is over. LOL

  3. I’m with you on having my feelings hurt if someone drops me on a blogroll or as a Facebook friend or Twitter follow.

    And as much as I profess to “not care” about Valentine’s Day… it has broken my heart just about annually since Kindergarten.

  4. I get my feelings hurt when I don’t get comments too. I hear you.
    Great scraps!!!!

  5. I think we may be related. Way too many similarities.


    I’m a blog baby too and you just made my day. Now I’m a kid in a candy store. Or whatever better saying would work here.

    I’ll post my stuff tomorrow!

  7. I think blogging has a fascinating relationship with the struggle of narcissism and self-awareness, and you do fine.

    I mean, I’m still reading, right? 😉

  8. I hate taking medicine too. I hate taking aspirin to antibiotics. I usually get sicker as I refuse to take them then never seem to finish the prescription when I do give in and admit I really need them. Quirky thing that is!

  9. This award is by far more fun than most! And I read the other blogs too…

  10. […] has commented on this blog before.  The fact that she was worried about sounding narcissistic in her post about the HSA (Honest Scrap Award, not Health Savings Account) makes me like her even more.  […]

  11. I feel exactly the same about fearing the wrong people will discover my blog and also very much wanting to share it with everyone in my life because it’s such a great part of my life now. Haven’t decided how to navigate that one so I’m just continuing to do what I do and if/when it feels right to tell people, I do. With the hope that the people I care about are mature enough to handle themselves with whatever information they may discover while reading my posts. If you find a better way of addressing the dilemma, please do tell!

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