Housekeeping……..of the urgent sort

When I peeked my head out from under the covers today and braved my Google homepage and all of it’s emails and reader counts, I found that a few local Twitter accounts are now following me. Which is wonderful. However, it also neccessitated some freaked-out emergency password protecting. Because publishing your life on the internet for the general public to read is much, much different than handing the url out to your neighbors. You know? Anyone with a burning desire to fish through the archives, that I don’t know or work with, should email me for the password to the locked posts.

I guess this means I’ll have to do more writing about things I’m willing to let the world read. That can only be good for you, readers, because beyond jepordizing my income or my marriage, I have no shame. 😉


One Response

  1. Twitter is like crack. I freaking love it. My boyfriend hates it, as I have all my faves on “device update ON”…

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