He’s My President Now

I didn’t vote for Obama. I couldn’t shake the whole too-good-to-be-true-thing and the general Socialist agenda of the left. So it was. But he won, and when he did, I was happy. Happy for the people who so desperately, so convincingly, so intensely believe that he is exactly what we need, and not a moment too soon. Happy for our nation, in overcoming the silly limitations of the past and moving towards true appreciation of people in accord with their talents, skills and efforts and not their demographic. Happy that maybe we could have some positive vibes, some hope, and let go of some of the hate that I’ve developed such a distaste for over the past eight years. Oh, wait? What?

I’m going to be a little upset if I offend people here, but only a little.

If you hated GWB with every bone in your body, if you hated him so that when you even heard mention of him, every little bitty hair on your whole body stood on end? And you posted and twittered and blathered about getting rid of him?

Shut the fuck up about it. Fucking SHUT UP. SHUT YOUR HOLE. JUST LET IT GO ALREADY. SHUT THE FUCK UP. He’s gone. Done. Irrelevant. Out of office. You got what you wanted, you got what you wanted and needed so badly, and yet? You will sully this historic day with your hatred. Fools.

Wow. I feel so much better.

Obama is our President now. He’s my President, he’s your President, he’s our President. His speech was incredible, the ceremony was breathtaking. Even I, a heathen disbeliever, was enchanted by him, by his speech, by the hope and promise of change. I believe that change is coming.  I hope it’s the good change he envisions. He has my support, and my overriding feeling is that I hope he makes a true believer out of me. He’s my President now, and I’m proud to have him.

3 Responses

  1. Nicely said! 🙂

    I agree 100% especially with the SHUT THE FUCK UP part! During the speech people twittering about GWB getting out and not letting the door hit him, etc were pissing me off royally.

  2. I am a big big supporter of Obama, and I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment. The message of Obama is to go forward, and thus we should not dwell on the past and spit vitriol at people from the past. We’re in the situation we’re in now and, based on our beliefs and political persuasions, it’s time do do something. So let’s not waste our breathes complaining about the past.

  3. For the record, while I didn’t like GWB at all – I knew much, much better than to just lament against him when it’s an entire administration that makes decisions.

    He had a lot – A LOT – of really bad apples around and I just can’t ignore that.

    Being that I work near DC, and have a job in which I try to actually affect nationwide policy – where I deal with the Capitol and Congress a lot more than the general population… I also like to believe that I’ve been very good at keeping my opinions objective.

    All out Bush bashing still doesn’t sit well with me.. but it’s like when you have a favorite football team, and you KNOW it’s the quarterback messing up, and then there’s a group of others on the team helping the screw ups.. when it happens for long periods on end, or is drastically upsetting, you look at the coach.

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