School Daze

Classes started this week. I’m taking Biology and Management, both online. I like not having to sit in class on campus, but I always get a little freaked out about deadlines. There’s so little communication with the teacher, you have to stay on top of the schedule (if they give you a copy of it) to make sure a deadline doesn’t just drift by silently, sealing your fate (and grade) without you even really realizing it.

My biology class is going to be fine, I think. I’m worried about the labs (how to do them at home? without lab equipment?), but she’s given us a schedule, and each module is at least two weeks long. So I have the text, a power point lecture, notes, labs, a discussion board and a timed exam for each module and at least two weeks to get it all done. I still would have rather taken Botany, but whatever.

Management, on the other hand, is going to be a nightmare. I know this already. No schedule from the instructor. I logged in to the class, looked at everything, read the first assignment, and today when I logged back  in to to complete the assignment? Everything is locked down for some sort of Access Key that I don’t have. So that’s my first problem- I can’t get into anything without the Access Key, but that’s just a symptom of a much bigger problem. Access Keys are required for online content from the text publisher. In English, that means that rather than taking the time that my BIO teacher did, to create notes and power points and schedules and more notes, just in case, my Management professor has decided to use a canned course. All the notes, lectures, activities, etc., will come straight from book.

Why do I hate that? Isn’t it easier than a teacher who goes all out, probably covering material that isn’t even in the book? No. Because teachers that use canned courses are lazy and dispassionate. Which means that she’s not concerned with putting in the effort to make sure that everyone understands the material, much less the course. I sent her an email, asking her about the Access Key. She won’t answer me until tomorrow, of that I’m sure. The question is, when she does answer, will she extend the due date on the assignment (whatever it was) because of this mix up, or will she hold firm. She’s already extended it one day for the whole class due to the files not being available once before. But as far as I can tell, she hasn’t even told us what the due date is! If she extends the due date, then we’re cool. If not, then I’ll know I’ve got the worst instructor type there is: half ass and hard ass. I hate those kind. If you’re going to be a hard ass about your deadlines and rules and assignments, then you better have your shit together too.  I want access to everything, I want my work graded and returned in a timely manner, you better be organized. We’re all adults here, and I’m paying her, so yes, she’s the teacher, but I get really pissy when they expect more of me than they are willing to give.

We’ll see. It’s nice to be back in school. I think.


3 Responses

  1. Usually professors are lenient when it comes to technical problems like that. I hope this one is. But, my experience with biology and management professors are extremely limited.

  2. not fair…
    how come everyone is going back to school and I am not???


  3. I *totally* do not miss school in any way.

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