Delurking Week. Day. Whatever. Say Hi Already!

So lazy am I that I don’t even have a cute icon to chase you out of your dark corners. I use sitemeter, though, so I know that some of you read but never speak up. Who are you? Say hi! Really, I told you all about my biscuit yesterday, aren’t we close enough for a comment or two?

I would delurk, if I was lurking anywhere. Thing about me is that I can’t keep my mouth shut, so if I’m around, people are generally aware of it.

I’ll leave you with this random thought. You know when Spring rolls around, and everything just screams sex? The warm air feels good enough on your bare skin that you’re tempted to lay naked in the grass. The heavy sweaters and lined pants get shoved to the back of the closet, and the tank tops and skirts come to the front. Sandals abound, with toes everywhere, perfectly pedicured. The entire animal kingdom is gettin’ it on, and we’re inspired to do the same. That’s what I miss right now. Instead, we’re all shivering under parkas and can’t be convinced to step outside without promise of a spot basked in sun and sheltered from icy breezes. I can has spring?

16 Responses

  1. sitemeter is the devil! haha

  2. Consider me delurking! I’ve only read your blog a few times (just found it this weekend) but it makes me laugh and I can definitely relate.

    And yes, spring please get here! πŸ™‚

  3. No shock – you know I’m here every blessed day. πŸ™‚

    And come on spring – although cuddling up and hibernating isn’t so bad either – I enjoyed doing that today and I wasn’t alone in my den of flannel sheets! Tee Hee.

  4. As I gaze out the window at the seemingly ceaseless snow and conjecture that Mr. POSSLQ is likely out there losing appendages to frostbite as I type, I wax nostalgic for Spring.

    And then I realize it’s a good five months away and instananeously want to go hide under my blankets for the next 5 months!

  5. Hello there!
    I’ve been reading for quite some time…I’m just a big lurker most times =]

  6. I haven’t lost any major appendages yet, as I can still type out a hello. I imagine that will happen later this week, though.

    I am SO ready for spring. In fact, if I could have my way, there would be only three seasons — to heck with this winter stuff.

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever lurked in my life!

  8. I definitely agree- I could go for some springtime. This cold stuff is definitely wearing me down, though I love wearing sweaters haha.

    I haven’t really been lurking here, but I’ll make a conscious effort to cease any activities that could be regarded as lurking.

  9. Ummm, yeah, I guess I’m a lurker but I only get a chance to drop by every once every month or so, and I’m pretty well behaved, so we’re cool, right??!

    I love the winter, I just wish there was more light! Cheers, steve

  10. why is everyone delurking but me???
    sniff sniff! 😦

  11. GAH I totally missed my chance to delurk on some blogs and I feel like delurking much later comes off as awkward.

    I need to set an Outlook meeting or something.

    Anyways, on spring: bring it on! Although, it has been pretty nice in LA lately….

  12. You just made someone who enjoys winter wish for spring. Gah!

  13. Not really a lurker, but still saying hi!

  14. Thanks, lurkers, for stepping out into the sun! You made my day……..

    And thanks to everyone else for saying hi. πŸ™‚

    The interwebz? They like me!

    And Steve, we are so totally cool. πŸ˜‰

  15. hahah…caught me lurking did you?? HI!

  16. I hear you on this. I comment almost everywhere I go… probably there are some people who would actively prefer that I lurk.


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