Picture Friday

So, since today is Day 4 (the last day of the year end close), and we’re having a company luncheon, I though I would take a break from blathering on about my life and my thoughts and just share some pictures with you!

This one is for everyone, but it’s specifically for the Dutchess of Kickball, who inquired not too long ago about Hot Bob, and why he is so hot. So, in my incredibly tasteful and appropriate way, I give you……….

Hot Bob’s butt. You could bounce quarters off of it. I wish I could show you Hot Bob’s delicious face and well formed chest (unfortunately, I have only seen it in a dress shirt), but that seems……unwise. Besides, it’s the butt that really seals the deal, no?

Moving on……….

Here are some wedding pictures. I feel a little silly, because when you’ve been married almost nine years, it seems wrong somehow to post wedding photos, but A. said she wanted to see them, so how can I argue?

Here’s my sister and I right before the ceremony. I’m wearing faux-fur because my gown is sleeveless, and it’s about 30 degrees outside. Practical!

This is me, trying to squeak out my vows through tears of joy (oh, the youthful exuberance!). This is a Civilian Conservation Corp shelter, in Fort Mountain State Park, in the north Georgia mountains. My ancestors* built it during the Depression so I could get married there! Wasn’t that nice of them?

You’ll have to excuse the fuzziness in this picture of the recessional. It’s one of my favorites, because you can see how happy we are. The looks on our faces are clear, and that’s really the only part that matters, right?

This is also one of my favorite wedding photos, and it’s very similar to my absolute favorite, which is this scene, but the other photo was taken at a distance, and so the shot composure is better, and you can see my dress all spread out in the grass, fairy tale like. I can’t show you that one, because my Mother in Law has it, and I have to wait till she dies to get it back, cause she won’t even let me take it down to the Rexall and have a copy made…..

Here’s me with the ‘rents. I thought you might like to see where the crazy comes from, and plus, if you’re really bored, you can try to figure who gave me what. Mom’s nose, no arguing about that……

This last one is hilarious. My Mom had three bustling lessons and a cheat sheet. My mother in law has bustled a few gowns in her day. Neither one could figure me out back there, but lucky for me, I have a very talented and very gay brother in law to save the day. His BFF isn’t in this picture, but he did my reception flowers. What’s the point? One talented gay guy is worth two mothers. At least for wedding stuff.

Happy Friday!

*My family is all from up North, and my father was adopted, so I’m using ancestors pretty loosely. But it sounded good, and in the end, we’re all related somehow, right?

7 Responses

  1. For some reason this line “One talented gay guy is worth two mothers” made me giggle…

    Beautiful pics!

  2. awww! those pictures are adorable!

  3. Oh Hot Bob! I can see what all the fuss is about now!

  4. You look so happy and beautiful, and WH looks hot!

  5. The photos are beautiful!
    You looks so gorgeous, and the husband too!
    I love the happy face photo!
    Thanks for posting them!

  6. Beautiful wedding photos! You look like a baby!!!

  7. dude! Thats not fair!! If I posted pics of a girls butt on my blog I would get lectured!!!

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