Shamelessly Materialistic Wish List

It’s that time of year again……… Behold: what I would hope to receive for my birthday if Monopoly money were legal tender.

An LG Ev2, with a bluetooth headset, of course.

A burgundy, ball point, Mont Blanc pen.

A pedicure at the Grove Park Inn.

Ecstasy Velvet Sin truffles, and maybe some Raspberry, you know, for good measure.

Sweater dresses. In red and white. Plus, this one in every color they offer.

While we’re there…. how about some of these? Red chili tweed? I ❤ you.

Grey Goose. Or Belvedere. Any nice vodka with a pretty bottle, really.

This completely and wholly unnecessary but so very incredibly cute laptop bag that would match my purse.

More Allure. Because what girl couldn’t use more Allure?!

A bikini wax. Because even though it would hurt, it would be *so* worth it. Oh, and I can I have my eyebrows done while I’m there?


4 Responses

  1. I have the LG Env2 and OMG LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Best phone I’ve had in a loooooong – oh wait, EVER.

    Oh, and NOW I want sweater dresses! Damn you! 😉

  2. Oh, oh, oh! I stayed at the Grove Park Inn when I lived in NC. It is THE most decadent place I’ve been. I so very badly wanted to steal the pillows and the robes. Just remembering that makes my heart happy.

  3. I can’t even make these kind of lists. I am apparently overwhelmed with desires because I have no idea where to start. But hey — happy birthday!

  4. I adore sweater dresses. I have two and I’m always looking for an excuse to wear them!

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