Houston? We Have A Problem

I’m fighting off a UTI. Without health insurance. Or the time not to feel well. With three year old antibiotic left over from WH’s last root canal, cranberry pills and tons o water. Not cool. So not cool. If I can’t nip this in the bud, I’m going to have to go to a doctor and buy fresh prescriptions. I feel better now than I did this afternoon, but the last time I got a UTI, it was in my kidneys in a few days. Cannot let that happen.

In light of this development, my political views are much more fluid. My vote goes to whichever candidate will get me a week long course of antibiotics for free by tomorrow morning. GO!

PS: No lectures on the old drugs, UB was here when I took them, and he said he would do it, and he’s a RN. So there.


8 Responses

  1. I take old drugs all the time, I even have a few pill bottles with some stragglers in them for future problems. Do you have any old insurance cards? I’ve used those in the past when I didn’t really have insurance, they just send you a note that you don’t have insurance and the bill, which of course I pay as by now I have been saving up money for it. But it gets me in to see the doc, and some good antibiotics.

  2. Go to the drugstore there are pills you can get called AZO I think? They are super cheap and they stop the pain of the UTI. How many doses of antibiotics do you have left? I would totally take them. If I had any old drugs I’d send them to you! 🙂

  3. UTI’s suck. Do whatever you can to get rid of it. (i keep old drugs too.) is there a free clinic or planned parenthood that you could go to? Cranberry pills only do so much..

  4. UGH! I hope it gets better really soon.

  5. ouch!
    get well soon would ya! and BTW… what’s a UTI???? 🙂

  6. a37: no old insurance cards, but I did find a clinic that provides care for free to people without insurance in my county. If I wake up tomorrow morning like I did this morning, I will be headed there….

    Tricia: I’m afraid to take the AZO- that was how my last UTI turned into a raging kidney infection- the pain didn’t warn me. It sucks, but I need to know where it’s at.

    bea: Free clinic found, and you can be that if the bleeding starts again, I’ll be headed to it. No joke.

    UrbanVox: lol. a UTI is a urinary tract infection. Men rarely get them. I get one every few years. Basically, it feels like my pee has ground glass in it. You’re welcome for that little detail! 😉

    I’m still miserable. My miserableness decreases for the few hours that the antibiotic is in my system, and increases expotentially when I wake up in the morning. For the first few hours, it’s unbearable. I got up early enough today to take three pills instead of two, but they are my last three. If tomorrow morning is half as painful as this morning was, I will be calling out of work and driving my sweet ass to the free clinic…..

  7. Obama could help…

  8. I feel so bad for you. UTIs are horrible. I can’t imagine not running to the dr immediately.

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