I <3 October

Guess what, internet? I have a fairy godsister. She sent me a nice fat Target gift card. I opened it on the same day that I got kicked out of my cubicle and thrown into the Sales Department so that they can build my office. That afternoon, I got a very generous budget for my office furniture. Then, after pulling Day 3 off in record time, I left early. Needless to say, October is off to a great start.

Saturday I slept in and lazed around before making my way to the most magical place on Earth: the new Target on the south end of town. There I picked up some beautiful black heels, a great pair of jeans (super low rise, my first pair of low, low, super low rise jeans), a sweater dress (is there anything better than a dress made of sweater?), and a few other things I sorely needed………….

Sunday was an even lazier day. I managed to clear out the closet to make room for my new loot and make some ribs and coleslaw, and pick out my new office furniture.

WH is still a total crabass, but he’s got 40 hours this week, and even though he was only scheduled for 26 last week, some how he wrangled another ten.

The fall color is creeping down the ridges, and next weekend should be an orgy of color here, at least up on the Parkway.

Next week, the whole Software Conversion Team is in for two weeks to do training and set up the pilot test, so this project is building to a crescendo, and I envision some decandent dinners, if little free time, for me in the second half of the month.

I think Maxie was dead on.  October? You rock!


6 Responses

  1. I want to hug October nonstop. NON. STOP.

  2. Maxie- done! great idea, thanks!

    Ben- me too. me too.

  3. So far October is rockin for me too! Great night out Friday – day in the city today – new job for hubby paying big bucks. I’m doing a-okay.

  4. I have had wicked bad luck with sweater dresses. I think shall get myself to Target and try my luck there!

  5. PR- They have several cute ones, and they’re reasonably priced, too. Heaven.

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