Parallel Universe

Um, internet? I think something is gone awry.

I’m calm. I have problems, I have a very full plate, I have issues (fuck, I think we can safely say I have a subscription), and yet? It’s okay. It’s all under control. It will work out. It all comes out in the wash. I’m doing the best I can with what I have, and that will have to do.

Where is all this rational thought and logic coming from? What’s this odd feeling-this absence of crippling anxiety? Where did that come from?

WH and I are coming back together, and there’s a warmth between us that had been gone for the longest time. There is still some residual fall out from the stress and the way we handled it, but- it’s working again. What’s up with that? The tundra that I figured was in a permanent state of frozen is melting. How’s that?

Work is crazy- I’m making all kinds of decisions without so much as a moment to bat an eyelash, and I’m dealing with people I hardly know, and there is so much going on that I frequently look up and realize that I’ve not moved an inch in hours, and yet? That nagging self doubt to which I’ve become so accustomed? Nowhere to be found.

So, either I’m growing up, and/or my therapist’s voodoo is finally taking, or this is some kind of parallel universe, and something will happen to right the Earth, and I will wake up tomorrow racked with panic, self doubt, fear, anger and despair.

Let’s all hope for the former, however unlikely it may be.

4 Responses

  1. Very nice to hear, my dear

  2. yay. I hope you keep that feeling 🙂 think positive.

  3. Sometimes the universe comes through. I’m thrilled that you’re kicking ass.

  4. Great to hear that things are smoothing out for you. Things will never be perfect but if we can find our Zen among chaos it’s a fantastic achievement. Well done!

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