No Fair

So far WH’s job search has been rather fruitless. This is bad. Financially, this is real, real bad. As usual, instead of focusing on our certain destruction, I am caught up in the details.

Last year, WH was out of town when the state fair started. He declined to take me when he came out of the field. He said that we would go to our county fair, which turned out to be a rusty merry-go-round and two pigs. There may have been some apples somewhere. That was it. He promised me that we would go to the state fair this year, that he wouldn’t let me miss out.

The fair is not on our list of things we can afford right now. The fair is on a long, long list of things we cannot afford right now, and that is no fair. No fair is no fair. Ha! I’m so witty.

No petting zoo. No deep friend turkey legs. No people watching. No feeding llamas. No caramel apples. No cotton candy. No funnel cakes and hot chocolate. No frozen lemonade. No looking at all the show animals. No looking at all the arts and crafts. No WH trying to talk me into riding the ferris wheel. No fair.

Apparently, no gaining 4000 lbs, since it seems I only go to the fair for the food.

No fair is no fair.

Maybe when the fair leaves town I’ll get concerned about the mortgage and stuff. Or maybe luck will be on my side and WH will have found something by then.

If you go to the fair, eat a caramel apple for me. ~sob~ ~pout~

6 Responses

  1. We were you two three months ago. It all comes together. If you can manage now when you couldn’t have less money coming in if you tried, it’s only going to get easier. So focus on that πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry you are missing the fair. I would be very sad about missing the fair too. 😦

  3. I know the feeling. I stated I wasn’t going to miss “Prince Caspian” when it hit the theaters. Yep. No money for the movies.
    Hang in there. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. No, it’s not a train.

  4. I, too, only go to the fair for the food. *sigh*

  5. Caramel apples are delicious.

    WH should bring you one.

  6. I’m with Matt, if you can’t afford the fair, perhaps one little splurge like a caramel apple? Or cotton candy from the grocery or something of the like? Something will shift soon in the job world, hopefully an even better paying job. πŸ™‚

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