In Which Scooter Brings His Girlfriend Home

I woke up this morning without the killer headache that kept me couch-ridden all day yesterday. When I went to let Adicus out, he went directly to one of the armchairs out on the porch and proceeded to freak out. I forced him out the door and looked under the chair. There was a small black lump under there, and Scooter was patting and licking the lump.

Scooter has a bad habit of bringing us stuff. Like bugs and birds and moles and mice and voles and a baby rabbit. Yes, a baby rabbit. So my first thought was perhaps this is a skunk. A wounded skunk. I stood up, and Scooter came out from behind the chair. I asked him, in a calm and even tone, what he brought us this time. At the sound of my voice, a little black kitten jumped up onto the railing from behind the chair, climbed the screen, jumped off the wall and flew out the cat door. Scooter followed behind, and I could just imagine him saying: “you noes goes! mama is cool. she is will feed you and stuff!”

He returned right before breakfast, and immediately checked in with me to assess the damage. I loved on him and told him that until we can afford to neuter him, I don’t suppose I can say much about him bringing girls home.

What I find amazing is that my other three cats did not show any care or concern that there was a strange cat in the house. Ivan sat in the armchair in the living room and watched in detached amusement. Gizzy was nowhere to be seen. Lewis smacked Scooter in the head, but I feel like this had more to do with Scooter being the only cat still intact, rather than his bringing a visitor home.

While I do love sweet little black cats, we are at full biomass capacity in our little farmhouse. Scooter’s girl is welcome anytime to visit, and will surely be given the same treats, food and love as my own cats. Because I’m the irresponsible (read: broke) party that’s letting a male cat run around un-neutered, if Scooter knocks his girl up, I’ll make sure that she and her kittens are cared for. At the county cat rescue.

Let’s give it up for Scooter! At least he’s getting some.

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