I was out until 330a last night, ya’ll, and I had an absolute blast. For those who expressed concern, I quit drinking around midnight and so I was actually quite sober by the time I drove home. Now if I could just get a hold of my coworker, who was not so sober (and is very fucking stubborn) when he left, and be assured of his safety, I could consider the entire evening a smashing success.

Here’s some filler while I re-hydrate and try to cut down on the fester factor here at the house.

I am… intelligent, but perhaps a little too honest and/or expressive.
I think…all the damn time, even when I should be trying to sleep or relax.
I know…that I’m hot and smart enough to be a pain in the ass.
I want…more security and more sex. Now.
I have…a full life and a promising future.
I wish…WH would grow up a little quicker.
I hate…scantily clad skanks who don’t even have the figure to pull off their outfits.
I miss…having more time to hunt wildflowers and take picnics on the Parkway.
I fear…failure, bees, puke, poverty and bad decisions.
I feel…a little hungover, but a lot happier than I’ve been in about a week.
I hear…the wind rustling the trees around the house.
I smell…fresh brewed coffee.
I search…for fulfillment, for contentment, for the copy of the high school creative writing mag I was published in.
I wonder…what people really think of me.
I regret… some most of my financial decisions.
I love…WH, and the other people in my life that make it so full. Oh, and vodka, apparently.
I care…about being the best person I can.
I always… show up late.
I am not…patient enough.
I believe…that you reap what you sow.
I dance…much better when I’m a little drunk.
I sing…with a ton of heart and very little pitch.
I don’t always…make my best effort.
I write…because I can’t live without it.
I win…when it really counts.
I lose…my temper too often.
I never…take care of myself the way I should.
I listen…to the meaning behind peoples’ words.
I can usually be found…unless I forget to mind my cell phone.
I’m scared of… giving in to the Crazy.
I read…lots of blogs. Textbooks. Too few “fun” books.
I forget…that sometimes it’s a good thing to limit what you tell most people about your private life. (except for the interwebs!)
I just…fed my passel o’ housecats and Adicus.
I am happy about…fall being right around the corner.

Update: numerous text messages received from coworker. Is fine. 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Glad the coworker is ok. Sometimes we all need a great night like that, staying out way too late and having way too much fun. Wait! Is there even such a thing as too much fun?

  2. Oy, stubbornness + alcohol = bad. On my birthday I was SURE I was okay to drive until Matt snatched the keys from my hand.

    That was a first.

    I’m glad he did it.

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