Mama I’m Coming Home- Redux

So Mom starts chemo on Thursday. Dad is kind of freaking out, in that quiet way he has. Kind of like when water micro-boils (or whatever, I’m no scientist) in the microwave and explodes in your face when you put a spoon in it? That’s how Dad freaks. You have no idea until he’s breaking things. Or people, depending. Anyway.

I decided that since I almost can’t feel the pain from my last attempt to visit, and I’m a little afraid that my Mom’s super sanity emotional armour (really, she’s taken this better than anything I’ve ever seen her deal with before) will crack under the weight of her first treatment and then Dad will come unglued, I would just go out there this weekend.

(writing an entire paragraph as one sentence is just one of my many talents.)

I’m leaving Paradise on Friday afternoon and with lots of luck and God’s good grace (even He might not have authority over the airlines- I’m not sure), will land in the North at 6pm. I’m flying into Detroit Metro, and it will take Daddy longer to drive there from their house than it will take me to fly from Atlanta, so I’ll have some time to kill. His instructions for the pick up process? DO NOT WAIT OUTSIDE. Maybe if you think it looks okay, and you dawdled getting to the doors and I’m probably right around the corner…. DO NOT WAIT OUTSIDE. Roger that, Daddy. Will Stay Inside.

This trip, even if it mimics the last one, will be much easier on me. I have a multi-point plan to assure it.

  • Am putting change of clothes in carry on, along with crucial grooming items.
  • Am seriously considering leaving Kermit at home
  • Am bringing the internets with me via my work laptop
  • Am looking at bringing mini bottles onto plane. Have not found rule against it yet. Still need to check with the FAA. Would maybe invite some discretion?

Anyone have any experience with mini bottles in their ziploc bag o’ 3oz liquids?

Are you in awe of my courage? Or do you shake your head at my stupidity? Will I end up dirty, drunk and delirious by the end of the weekend? Will I make it to the ‘rents this time? Will that prevent me from coming home dirty, drunk and delirious?

We’ll see!

2 Responses

  1. I will say a little prayer for you that you get there safely and “on time – real time not airline time” ! I will also include a prayer that your visit is calming and comforting to your parents.

  2. good luck, hun. I hope the weekend goes okay.

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