The Night That Will Live in Infamy

Feeling good this morning, internet.

I finished my Accounting final last night at 9p, and headed to the bar to await my classmates and professor. They showed up around 10p, maybe a little past.

Four vodka and cranberries and four hours later, I got in the car to head for home. As is my custom (most of the time, anyway), I checked my cell phone. Something like 18 missed calls and a few voicemails. Oops. I had my phone turned down to take the exam, and though I checked it several times between 11pm and 12am, I quit checking at that point, figuring WH was already in bed.

Around that time, WH started calling. Unable to reach me for two hours on my cell phone, he figured I was dead in a ditch on the side of the road. He actually went through the whole concerned-worried-scared-out of his mind- super-relieved-white-hot-pissed rollercoaster normally reserved for parents. In fact, I do believe the possibility exists that he will call his Mom soon and apologize for being such a shit when he was a kid.

I, of course, called him right away. He was not so much a happy camper. Our “discussion” regarding the “incident” lasted well into the morning. He went to bed. I knew better than to try that, so I watched tv. I fell asleep for maybe 45 minutes max, at some point.

Last night was a great time. Was it worth giving WH some gray hairs? No, not really. That’s okay, though, because we have a new rule: If I am not home, or on my way home by 12am, I’m going to call WH and tell him not to wait up (or call the police and file a missing persons report). I think that’s fair.

In other news, I got the second highest grade in the class on my final!

Can I take a nap now?



4 Responses

  1. Did he not know you were going out after your exam was over? Love it when they go through the entire range of emotions it’s good practice for them since they so rarely bother with what we deal with every day.

    Did you really only sleep 45 minutes last night? How are you functioning at all? I might have managed this in my 20’s too I guess and did a few times. If I did something like that now I’d call in sick WITHOUT A DOUBT! 🙂

    See how you feel around 2pm – and please drive safely tonight -sleepy driving might be more dangerous than tipsy driving.

  2. He did, but he did not expect me to be out until 2 or 3am. Did I forget to mention that part?

    Yes, I really only had 45 minutes of sleep. I’m not really sure how I’m functioning? I’ve had copious amounts of coffee, and I’m about to eat my hand, but B brought me something, so I just have to hope that I’m not going to pass out after I eat.

    I was hardly tipsy when I left the bar last night. I agree with you- the drive home this afternoon is more dangerous. I think it will be okay, though, because I’ve driven on no sleep before, and I’m not a cat napper or a nodder-offer. I just drive slower.

  3. I could never function on 45 mins of sleep and I’m barely 24! Bah! I’m so old.

    Glad you had a good time…even though WH got some white hairs!

  4. ugh, the midnight lamp is a punk-ass. don’t try pulling it often because as you’ve indicated it can turn people into zombies!

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