Random Weekend Stuff

It’s Sunday afternoon, and WH is in the river (surprise, surprise). I thought I’d post some random things before I wave my white flag and start preparing for the week ahead. Am I the only one who stretches out Sunday morning until it’s undeniable that time is passing and Monday will rear it’s ugly head very shortly? I didn’t think so.

WH and I got into it but good Friday night. It was one of those quiet, dead serious arguments. I think we got somewhere. At least I hope we did, because I think I made myself pretty clear, and I definitely heard every word of what he was saying. Marriage is a funny thing- you can have a deep, serious argument, and that rawness takes some time to fade, but you move through the motions as if it never happened. The only signs that there ever was an argument may be some subtly yet pointed differences in your interaction. We had dinner together, then I left for the grocery store and he got to work on his rod-building project.

Yes, internet, I went to the grocery store at 11pm Friday night, and lo, it was glorious! No one was there! A random person or two, but no confused old people, no rattled housewives with three rowdy kids in tow, no women that go to church together or are neighbors but decide to do a week’s worth of checking up in the produce section, in front of the onions when I need an onion. There was some drama at the checkout, but not enough to kill the euphoric buzz of grocery shopping in peaceful solititude.

Saturday was a very lazy day. We lazed around all morning, then WH took Adicus to the river and I took a nap. A delicious nap. WH cooked a fabulous dinner- steak and shrimp, corn and baked potatoes- and we had watermelon for dessert. He even cleaned up the kitchen afterwards. 😉 I studied for my Accounting final on Tuesday. I am so ready to be done with school for the year. So very ready.

Today I worked most of the afternoon on a special project. I’m not ready to share anything, but Jen, if you’re reading, shoot me an email. This is something way out of my league, but I’m enjoying the hell out of it, so if I can work up the nerve, I’ll put it out there. It’s very freeing to try something completely new and see yourself in a new light. The question is- am I any good at it?

The rest of my day will be consumed by laundry, studying, and dinner. I’m making Apples and Stuffing Pork Tenderloin with Squash Casserole, biscuits, and something else. Now would also be a good time to try my hand at Apple Baked Brie, although I doubt WH’s ability to truly appreciate it.

I also have to get up into the garden to harvest some zucchini and take pictures of my herbs for you. They’re in fine form. My sunflowers should be blooming some time this week, and the corn is getting its ears.  Out tomatoes, or more accurately, what is left of our tomatoes after some weirdo blight-collapse-issues, are finally coming in, and they are very tasty. It might be time to indulge in some fresh mozzarella.

For the record, the highs are pushing ninety here in Paradise for the next few days, and we don’t have air conditioning. Do not like. Unless, of course, the heat wave lasts until next weekend, when maybe, just maybe, I might be able to sneak in some pool time.

How was your weekend?