Third Time’s the Charm- Cookie Update

I’m so exhausted! My accounting project is due tonight, so I didn’t even get started on Round Three- The Great Cookie Quest until around 930p. I measured out my dry ingredients, set my butter out to soften, measured the sugar, and got ready to mix the vanilla and eggs. I opened the fridge to pull the eggs out, and there were none. I looked at the kitchen counter, where WH left his plate from his french toast extravaganza the night before. I looked at the grocery list, which didn’t have eggs on it. I looked at WH, who was cleaning some mudbutt up off the mudroom floor*, eyes ablaze, and asked him where the eggs were. I then announced I was going to the store and flounced out of the house. You can check out his version of the story (with my commentary, of course).

Anyway. The cookies turned beautifully, and I was in bed by 2am. The secret was cutting the leavening agent by 25%. To address Tricia’s questions on the last post- I had never really absorbed the fact that my bread rises faster, or that my cakes are higher, etc. This was the first time that the extra leavening really ruined the recipe. Also, I just always thought it seemed like forever waiting on spaghetti to cook, but I never really considered the situation.

Here’s a pic of my pile o’ fail:

And here’s a picture of sweet, chocolate victory:

The coworker was surprised and touched, which made the whole damn mess worthwhile. The leftovers have been ransacked by my other coworkers. Surprising to find out who all loves cookies. I think I may have just set a precedent.

*We have a “first to see must clean up” policy on cat puke and dog shit. Two weeks ago, WH fed Adicus some leftover chicken casserole. I warned him that chicken upsets Adicus’s system. We switched him to lamb based food for this very reason. He cheerfully blew me off and dump the whole bowl of leftovers on Adicus’s food. The next day I came home from work, and there were about two square inches of mudroom floor that weren’t covered in dog shit with the consistancy of soft pudding. I cleaned it all up. Even though it was WH’s fault. Even though I warned him. Even though it seems like I almost always get home first when there’s Mudbutt. I figured with everything I had going on last night, WH could cut me some slack and clean up the mudbutt!


3 Responses

  1. Awwww – our little Cat is growing up! 🙂 Choosing battles wisely is important and I think you did great not choosing to battle over the eggs. You got a nice drive on a warm summers night to think alone and WH got to clean up dog shit – I’d say he’s well punished! LOL You need to get a nice kennel and dog house for Addicus so you can stop coming home to shit on the floor – that is just NASTY!

    And yay the cookies look good! I’d eat the bad ones too though!

  2. p.s. I am jealous of your policy – in our house it is always me who cleans up cat puke (thankfully dog shit is not an issue) ALWAYS. Hubby will see it and come tell me so I can go clean it up. GROSS – even grosser – if it’s mostly food regurgitated then Xavier usually cleans it up *gagging as I say that*. 😉

  3. MMMmmm. They look deliciously moist and soft and I bet they tasted like heaven.

    You cant see it, but Im drooling right now.

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