Because Baking Isn’t Complicated Enough

Well, internet, I baked another batch of birthday cookies last night. They didn’t burn on the edges (see what happens when you remember to cream the sugar into the butter?!), but they still spread horribly, turning a sheet full of cookies into one big cookie, and the bottoms were still nonexistent. Talk about frustrated. I triple checked the recipe, cussed a blue streak, and started wondering if my coworker likes peanut butter cookies.

Totally as an aside, WH asked me last night if when I make a bean dish, if I could make sure to make cornbread. Yeah, sure, no problem. Could you hand me a clean bowl to mix the batter in? Oh? What? There are no clean bowls? Hmm. Might be why there’s no cornbread. I have no problem committing to cornbread. The last time I made it, though, it was really, really super tall in the middle. Like freakish tall……

Oh, what? Google, I missed that, could you say it one more time? Too much spread in cookies can be caused by over greasing the cookie sheet (not guilty), dropping the dough while it’s too warm (maybe, but I doubt it), or too much leavening agent?

Hey internet? Guess what. High altitude baking requires less leavening agent! Of course I knew that- everyone knows that. Guess what? I live at elevation. Our house is very nearly 3000 feet above sea level. It simply never occurred to me that high altitude rules applied to me. I am surrounded by mountains twice that high. Aren’t those cooking directions for, I don’t know, people in Idaho and Denver? Places where you would think of using high altitude directions? No? They apply to me? To little ol’ me?

The good news is that I’m not a total baking retard. The bad news? Now I have to fool with the receipe to adjust it for my elevation.

Great! I’ll just do that tomorrow night, as I make my third batch of cookies for a Thursday birthday. While I finish up my Accounting project and cook WH’s dinner (with cornbread). Yep. I’m just going to reconstruct a recipe at the last minute, when I have a ton of other stuff going on. Sounds like success to me!