Of Cookies and Compromises

What an interesting weekend. While most of the rest of you were partying at BlogHer, here’s what happened:

I slept all of Saturday. Literally. I got up late, took an afternoon nap that lasted well into the evening, then worked on my Accounting project and went to bed at 11pm.

On Sunday, I got up right after WH left for work. Worked on my Accounting project until a little after noon, did some miscellaneous chores, and then headed straight into the kitch.

This was my first attempt at yeast bread. Of course, I picked a honey knot, which is a little more involved than your average loaf of white bread. Let me tell you something, internet, and please don’t judge, but that was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. There was just something about kneading that dough, making that sticky glob of yeast and honey into a stretchy, smooth round ball of dough that was intensely satisfying. Watching it rise in a greased bowl on the stovetop was like those little dinosaur sponges in a pill you used to get at the drugstore when you were little. Punching down was not nearly as satisfying as it sounds, but was fun nonetheless. My only error was overdoing it with the egg wash. I may have gone a little way overboard. The result was a beautiful yummy honey knot encased in a crust so hard and shiny that WH called it “camping bread”, in that it could be transported to the far corners of the forest with nary a dent.

And then there were the cookies. I am, if nothing else in the cooking world, a baker. I make pies from scratch, for fuck’s sake. Whether it was the heat, or my irritation with having to wait on the butter, or the fact that I had three other things cooking, my stupid ass forgot to cream the sugar into the butter. I mixed all the flour and sugar and other dry ingredients together while I was waiting for WH to come home with the butter. The result? Chocolate chip cookies with burnt bottoms and edges, but raw in the middle and stuck permanently to my best cookie sheet. Did I mention that this was a test batch for a coworker’s birthday present later in the week? *sigh*

So tonight, there will be more Accounting homework and more cookies. There will also be ham and navy bean soup, and I remembered to soak some extra beans to puree into the soup this time, so there is hope. Also, I bought some smoked ham hocks, and I plan to throw one in there with the beans. You know, before I start on more cookies. I must perfect the cookies. I must redeem myself.

Speaking of redemption. I’ve decided to take a bath at night, but not wash my hair. I will wash my hair in the mornings, which takes maybe ten minutes and not enough hot water to hit WH’s radar. Why the change in tune? I don’t know. Maybe I’m coming down with a case of the reasonables. Don’t tell him.


2 Responses

  1. Sorry the cookies didn’t work out so well. Sounds like the bread will be a hit with a bit softer crust! I love crusty bread but not so crusty it hurts to bite. Try a 10 second nuke to soften and warm and I bet it’s great.

    I’m laughing at you compromising when you were so firm last week about the morning baths. I think it was a wise choice on your part though. Letting him “win” this one lets you win the next big battle!

  2. I’m a hopeless baker–my cookies always come out like that. My breads don’t rise. My cakes sink in the middle. It’s damn depressing! I need remedial baking classes…

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