The Beans- I Spilled Them

I have discovered that the reason I will never be able to keep a secret is because I have no tolerance for unnecessary moping.

Last night, around 10pm, WH asked me to go to the 24 hour WalMart, which around our parts is like asking to go to the moon. He wanted to get some epoxy to repair his beloved fly rod, and when I asked him if he could hang on just a little longer, and he started to pout, I totally wussed out and gave in.

He was super surprised, which tells me that either: A. I’ve managed to lower his standards quite a bit, B. I’m that difficult, self-centered bitchy kind of wife that shocks him with small acts of kindness, or C. WH just never thought it was possible to do anything about his rod. I’m going with C, since that one reflects best on me.

I guess there’s always his birthday, and Christmas. Of course, every year I say I’m going to surprise him, and every year I manage not to, but it’s Monday morning, and hope springs eternal. 🙂

One Response

  1. Keeping presents a secret is a challenge for me too–as soon as I buy something, I want to give it to the person!

    Re my new look on the site, try refreshing your browser. I’m logged on at work and the new design is up and running! Computers are so weird…

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