Thinking About Coming Out………..

No, I’m not gay (sorry, WH!). I’m thinking about giving some friends my blog addy. I whine at them about most of the same stuff I post here, so the only real change for me is that if I wanted to whine about them, I couldn’t do it here. At least not without doing it in person first. Which may not be a bad requirement to lay on myself, frankly. I’m also thinking about giving it to my aunt and uncle, who I should keep in better touch with. Again, the only harm in that is my Mom ever finding us here, and I’m sure as hell not sending her the addy, and she’s not very savvy on the interweb, so my concern there is pretty low. Having given up a lot of anonymity already, this would be just another step in becoming more public.

My reservations are few. They include: loss of private space to whine incessantly about things, perhaps after I’ve used up all of my whine points with my friends IRL. Blackmail, which isn’t likely but entirely possible and could possibly be disasterous. (I work with my friends.) On the other hand, they pretty much already have enough on me to destroy me if they ever wanted to. They also might think I suck, and they may or may not tell me.

My reasoning is both shallow (more readers, more fun, why not) and deep (being more confident in who I am and my opinions, being more authentic with the people I love, and curing the complex I have about mixing people).

I guess I’ll stop here and tell you that combining people squicks me out. Having a party with WH’s friends and mine? Squicky. Introducing friends to family and vice versa? My skin crawls. Mixing work peeps with school peeps? ~shudders~ I can’t really put my finger on why.

So, freaders, what do you think? Have you done this? Did you regret it? Did you wish you had done it a long time ago? Would you like to meet my other peeps? Is this just more pointless navel-gazing, as in, do it or don’t, no one really cares either way? What say you, interwebs?


5 Responses

  1. I sent the URL to some of my friends after a bit. One of them reads from time to time but never comments. The other has only read twice from what I can tell on my stats. Some people just don’t get the blog fascination.

    I would never give the address to my sister even though she knows most of the things I whine about here because she would give it to my mother! *shudder*

  2. I’m not fully out. There are a few friends who know about my blog, but most of them don’t. The thing that makes me hesitate is that I can’t take it back. Once I tell them where my blog is, they’ll know and they’ll know forever. It’s too much of a commitment!

  3. I told my best friend and I’ve honestly regretted it ever since. She doesn’t have my current blog address, but I’m sure she could find it pretty easily. The other day I had kind of a freakout b/c I thought she was going to check it out so I deleted a few lines… I dunno. I just wish I could be 1000% positively open.

  4. I am fully in the closet. If people I know find me without me knowing (are you still with me?) then I don’t mind. I just don’t think I’d like to know. You know?

    *shakes head* sorry, very odd mood. Um. Only hand it out to people who would a) understand and b) not blab your deepest darkest secrets to the world.

  5. OMG, I am SO sorry …. it’s been ages since I’ve read. I am suuuuuppppeeerr private about my blog and I TOTALLY get where you’re coming from re: mixing social circles. I like to say that I don’t like the food on my plate to touch. I “come” to the interwebs and write a blog because it’s for me. A place to vent and share with strangers and whatever the F. But I cannot and will not cross that line with family/friends. If your intent is to have space away from them, then I say keep it as such. I don’t use mine to keep people updated in my life. The way I look at it is, if I’m not keeping in touch with you, it’s for good reason. The effort is made for people that matter, it’s just the truth. When you aren’t good at contacting people, maybe you should think about WHY that is and either make more of an effort or spend some time thinking about your relationships. We’ve all got diff. “policies” about this blogging thing. Do as you wish 😉

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