The Perils of Ground Turkey

Oh, ya’ll. I was so excited (and intimdated) by the ground turkey. I would turn it into a culinary wonder. WH would wonder why we didn’t start eating ground turkey years ago. It would be a moment in my cooking history to look proudly back on forever. Anticipation…………….

I got everything ready to go. I cut the top off of the tube of ground turkey and squeezed it out into the mixing bowl. Ground beef in a tube is just like ground beef in a styrofoam package. Ground turkey is (was?) not. Internet, this stuff looked horrible. Like pate. Also, I thought I might have caught a glimpse of beak.

No way was I putting my delicate credibility on the line with this scary looking pile of turkey. I took the bowl in to WH and asked him- “is there any way that I can cook this that you’ll eat it?”

We had pancakes and sausage for dinner. It was very good.

I’ve sworn off ground turkey for awhile. I am committed to trying a higher quality ground turkey at some point in the future. Maybe when the mental image of the tube turkey fades.

As an aside, I made my own spagetti sauce last night, instead of relying on my old friend Ragu. I thought it was good, but WH (the picky-ass) cried bland. As a result, I am instituting a minimum of 60 minutes simmering time for all sauces. Unless someone has a better idea of how long it takes all the herbs and spices to really stand out?


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