Adicus + Scooter = BFF

Adicus and Scooter have been besties since we brought Scooter home and subsequently took both of them to the beach with us last year. While WH would like to pretend that Adicus is fierce and mean and tough, I have evidence to the contrary. Behold:

Lest anyone think that my beautiful German Shepard really is just a big fat sissy, let me tell you what I don’t have a picture of. I don’t have a picture of him foaming at the mouth, growling and snapping at any other animal that might give Scooter the evil eye. When he hears a cat fight, he becomes absolutely desperate to be let out. Once he’s free, he rushes to the scene of the altercation, promptly breaking it up. Then he herds all four cats back to the house, whether they were involved or not. When he’s let back in, he verifies that all his charges are accounted for and safe and sound. He even inspects them for wounds.

Aggressive breed, my ass. Sorry, WH! 🙂