A Chicken in Every Pot

Well, in my pot at least. At this point, that’s all the responsiblity I can handle.

The chicken carcass has been cooking for almost three hours now. I put it on as soon as I came through the door, and when my timer (WH) went off (starting showing signs of distress), I ladeled out enough broth to make a small batch of soup. There were some hunks of chicken breast meat in the broth already, and I added celery, mushrooms and rice. Apparently, I didn’t get enough salt, pepper, thyme and garlic in there for the rice, because every third bite had decent flavor, but over all it fell somewhere between Elmers and watered down ramen noodles. Way watered down. It was edible, but that’s hardly my goal.

My fugly food storage containers showed up today! They’re everything I dreamed they would be. I also got a formula from a math professor to convert mass and density to volume. There are some decent websites for finding the density of food staples. So, in my incredibly neurotic style, I’ve created a spreadsheet. I enter the item name, pounds bought and density, and it figures the volume in ounces. Now I know exactly what size container I need for everything. For flour, bisquick, and pasta, that size would be A Lot Bigger Than What I Have. Also, I have been unable to find the density of whole oreo cookies. This is vital information.

I’m not completely cured of horrible eating habits- I hade saltines and gummybears for lunch today- and enjoyed every minute of it. Of course, I only ate the white and red ones. If I’m desperate tomorrow, I’ll eat the oranges and then leave the greens and yellows in the break room. Fried dogshit wouldn’t last two seconds on the breakroom counter.

We will know soon, though, how long crookneck squash lasts on the breakroom counter. It’s coming of out the garden by the armload- right along with the zuchinni on steroids- and there is no end in sight. Can I send you some? I’ve got some great receipes……………