Saturday Morning

WH and I got up early and took the boat out to the lake near our house. It’s in the middle of the Methodist compound. The Methodists are all very friendly, enough that I was embarrassed when I found out that they don’t allow boats on the lake on Sunday mornings. No one had even said anything to us- we used to fish and eat breakfast while the choir sang out- until we read a sign on the boat ramp we never use. I’ve recently discovered that their pool is open to the public, which makes me feel awfully Methodist, frankly.

The lake is well stocked with ducks, geese, and even an evil black swan that used to mistake our gas engine for competition. It would chase us all over the lake, squawking and nipping. We took the engine off for the winter and haven’t yet replaced it- this is the lake that’s only twenty minutes from the house, and it’s electric motor only. Ever since, the black swan doesn’t even know we exist.

The fishing was super slow, which was painful for WH, but it was a gorgeous morning on the water. I got some sun on my shoulders and legs, two places it was sorely needed. We stayed out until the heat was unbearable, which was until about ten thirty. This type of unbearable heat is generally August weather for us here in Paradise. Guess what my least favorite month is? Yep! It’s August. I’ll have to try out that pool if this heat sticks around much longer.

How do the Methodists feel about bikinis?


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