What Grows Here

Friday night, I sowed some more seed to fill some holes in the garden. I’m making a second attempt at some spearmint, to go with my peppermint, and I had recently lucked into some acorn squash seed. I forget what it was, but a whole row of something never came up, so I planted shasta daisies, butterfly weed, and flax in it’s space. If I can get some daisies and butterfly weed started in the garden, it will motivate me to clear the front beds before we turn the garden in the fall.

Things are coming right along, if I do say so myself. Internet, do you like squash? Because I might need to send you some.

The lettuce has already started to come in, and somehow it tastes a thousand times better than store bought. I can’t even begin to consider what else is in store for us over the next few weeks- the tomatoes, the peppers, the cucumbers. That is, if we can keep the bugs and the cats from destroying them.

WH is still obsessed with his corn; he’s got quite a few small plants and has sown another packet of seed where the rest didn’t come up. We think the seed got too much water the first time around, and we’re hoping for a better germination rate this time around.

We’ve spent the better part of our weekends together weeding, planting, fertilizing, worrying, wishing, planning, hoping, and dreaming. We’re beginning to see the fruits of our labor- the broccoli are heading, the tomatoes are blooming, and the cabbage are threatening total domination. It’s amazing to see, and such a sweet payoff for all that work and planning.

Hey, internet? Know what else grows here?



4 Responses

  1. Is he planting the corn in rows or in hills? If you aren’t doing a lot of it try planting it in hills! My dad has 4 hills of corn going now and is going to plant 4 more in another week for some later corn.

    Corn does better clustered together that’s why the hills work for smaller plantings.

    My garden has 3 tomato plants, 1 zucchini, 1 cucumber and lots of sunflowers! I’d plant more but I’m lazy!

  2. Ugh. SQUASH! As a vegan college student, I completely LIVE off of that stuff.

    I planted my garden this year, and eveything is doing beautifully, except my squash. They completely died, dead and gone. My favorite veggie, it figures =\

  3. I’m sooooo jealous. We live in a loft condo in the asphalt jungle in DC. I want a yard and a garden more than anything!

    I think working together on a project does something kind of magical for a marriage!

  4. Dang. I thought you were going to say “marijuana.”

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