Send Good Vibes

So, internet, I posted earlier in the week about being the Queen of Short Term Gratification and lacking motivation and inspiration. Then I got a phone call.

The results of the lab report from Mom’s lumpectomy revealed that invasive cancer is present elsewhere in the breast. They just don’t know where- they can’t find it.

Please take a minute to send some good vibes her way. At 8am this morning, she underwent a procedure to identify the “sentinel” lymph nodes, or the first nodes that the breast filters into. This is accomplished by sticking a very large (for the job) sized needle directly into her nipple. Once the sentinel (or sentry?) nodes are found, she’ll be undergoing a double mastectomy, probably later this morning.

Her prognosis is still excellent. They only needed to take the left breast, but her case made her a good candidate for a double mastectomy, and she very willingly agreed. The idea of going through all of this again- ever- was just too much for her. Better to get it all over with now. We still don’t know if the cancer is hormone-driven or genetic, so I’m kind of sitting on pins and needles waiting for that answer.

Meanwhile, I’m over here, young, healthy, Wonderful Husband, good job, cute little farmhouse tucked into a sweet little mountain cove, and most importantly, no one is sticking needles into my nipples. Frankly? That’s all the motivation and inspiration I needed.

Anyway. Take a minute to send her some warm fuzzies, if you would. I’ll update the post when Daddy calls to tell me she’s out of surgery and doing fine. Thanks ya’ll.

Update: Mom is at home, recovering well, and goofy on meds. Of course, Dad didn’t call us kids when Mom got out- he called Mom’s best friend. That’s okay, I called her and got the scoop, and then Mom and Dad called yesterday when Mom got home. She plans on staying pretty drugged up for a few days, so I’ll talk to her later in the week. Thanks for your well wishes!