Lighten Up?

So, internet, I have this hair. This thick, heavy, beautiful (if I do say so myself) hair. Every time I go to get it cut, the stylist remarks on how beautiful and thick it is, and then they immediately ask me if I want it thinned out. I’ve always recoiled in horror- you just got done telling me how beautiful it is, and now you want to thin it? No effin’ way!

But R says that it needs to be done. WH agrees. They say it’s too thick. That’s why it doesn’t hold curl, that’s why it’s unruly, that’s why I spend the better part of my life with my hair piled on top of my head librarian style, which beyond being less attractive than I would prefer, makes my neck and shoulders tight and sore. No kidding, I go through a package of no damage ponytail holders about every two months.

My hair has some natural curl. I’ve found some products that help that along, but after a few hours of drying, the weight of my hair has pulled it straight. I don’t mind straight hair, but I love to wear it curly. Except that even with a silicone shiner, it still ends up resembling a bird’s nest.

Something must be done. Summer is here, and it’s 90 for the second day in a row here in Paradise, and there is no relief in the seven day forecast sight. I’m either getting it thinned, or cut super short, shorter than I ever have before, boy-short.

Except that I’m a total hair wuss, because of the Mullet Incident- an unfortunate hair cut I received in late elementary school. No kidding here, I do mean an actual mullet.

So, internet, what do you think? Do you have any experience with this hair thinning procedure? Would I look like a total freak if I cut it all off? There’s a photo on the about tab- that hair cut was comprised of several long layers, and it had a lot of body (good body, not the rat-nest kind) at first, but then? It got more scraggly and less curly and I got tired of it, and I cut out the layers. I mean, had them cut out- that’s one hair mistake I will never make- attempting to cut this mop myself.

Girly girls, I need your magic!


5 Responses

  1. Let her thin it! Definitely! 🙂 I also have thick, long, hair (no hint of curl in mine though), and it is heavy. Wearing it up hurts after any length of time. I have it thinned ever 2nd or 3rd haircut and it is amazing. You won’t believe the difference in how it feels. And let’s face it hair like that will grow back and fast if it turns out you hate it.

    I’d definitely thin it before I’d cut it short.

  2. Oh no! A mullet?! oh no!

  3. I agree with Tricia–I thin my hair and I LOVE it. It would be totally unmanageable if I didn’t. When I thin it, I can wear it layered and it actually has some shape. But mine isn’t curly, so I don’t know how that affects the equation…

  4. Ugh…I wish I had thick hair. I have ridiculously thin hair and it’s annoying. At the rate I shed, I’m surprised I have hair left on my head!

  5. I don’t even have that thick of hair and I get it thinned out each time I get it trimmed. I love it–it makes it so much lighter and easier to style.

    Definitely thin it before you cut it way short. If you only cut it short and don’t thin it, it will be even more unruly, especially with the natural curl. Trust me on this. I have seen the horrors.

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