Three Whole Days!

Oh, internet. I cannot believe I am about to have three whole days off. WH works all three days, but worry not, internet, that’s a good thing. He’ll be home every night by 530p, and I will have dinner ready for him at 6pm. Three.whole.days. Incredible. Here’s a tentative schedule:

Friday night- chill out, check the garden, maybe get a head start on chores.

Saturday- this is my “work” day. There will be laundry washin’, kitty litter changin’, vacuuming and mopping, and a screened in porch cleanin’ extravaganza. It’s time to get the screened in porch ready for visitin’ and nappin’ and houseplants! If my peace lilies knew that they were about to escape the master bathroom and spend the next few months out on the porch, with all that sun and fresh air, they’d be singing right now. I might even venture into our office to see if I can bring some order to the chaos there. Oh, and homework for my accounting class that started last night.

Sunday- We’re supposed to get together with a friend for some drinks Sunday night. Hence the screened in porch cleaning. Other plans for the day? Homemade spa day. Yep. Facial, manicure and pedicure. Because it is beyond time. If only I could give myself a massage.

Monday- Who knows? Who cares?! I won’t be working, and that’s all that matters. 🙂

Happy Memorial Day!


5 Responses

  1. I’m also really psyched about the long weekend! We’re going to Buffalo for a wedding, and it will be great to catch up with some of the old friends we’ll see there. We’re coming back on Sunday, and I’ll still have ALL DAY MONDAY to relax, catch up on laundry, read, relax (did I mention that one already?), and get some quality time with my husband. Gotta love those government holidays…

  2. Ahh we had our long weekend last weekend, and it wasn’t anywhere near as busy as yours. Geesh…keener 🙂

    By the way…I tagged you. Take that! Muah ahahah

  3. I totally agree… Thursday couldn’t come fast enough. That was my last day of the week (my husband and I came to Rhode Island for a graduation). It’s great to relax and not have to count day the weekend thinking of what to wear Monday. Holidays are the best!

  4. Sorry, I’m not anonymous… I’m VeRonda (the last comment). Whenever I see anonymous, I always wonder who’s behind there.

  5. WOOOOOOOT!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

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