Weekend Salad

Friday night we celebrated B’s birthday. A bunch of us went out to the bar, and I had *quite enough* vodka. Made it home by 230a, much to WH’s chagrin. Which on one hand, I understand, and on the other- why is it okay to be reckless and carefree and out late when it’s what *he* wants, but not when it’s what *I* want? I felt a lot better about getting out with my friends and maybe stemming some of the awkwardness I’ve felt lately about them. We probably didn’t have the money for that little caper, but then again, I’m learning that there is just a certain amount of money that we’re going to spend on crap we don’t really need, so better to have a good night than end up pissed off at WH for spending it, right? RIGHT? Plus, he said he wouldn’t be going to see UB again for awhile because gas is so expensive, and what did he do this weekend? (this may be why we never have money.)

Saturday we worked out in the garden. Look for a garden post once I get back to work and am not held captive by dial-up limitations. It was nice to spend the day outside, in the sun, and seeing the garden really come to life.

Today was reserved specifically for chores and idle computer time, in hopes of not spending so much idle internet time at work next week. Because things are getting serious, and I want to be all caught up, little duckies in nice straight rows, when the hit parade comes to town in two weeks.

Things with WH have been a little better. He wasn’t happy about Friday night, but he understood that it was about B and for B, and he cannot argue with B’s fabulousness, and also? Am all growed up, mostly. Allowed to go out with the friends, you know. We also had a nice little chat about the garden, and how my interest is contingent on there being room for my opinions and ideas and not making yard work a prison sentence. I think he almost understands. What he does not understand is how frustrated I get when he won’t ask important questions at work, like “how and when am I being paid for all of my mileage from this week’s training?”. It’s hard not to kick his teeth down his throat.

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I need to do some laundry, change the kitty litter, clean my bathroom and take a bath. Right after I get up from my nap. Surfing the internet makes me sleepy. (this might by why I never get anything done.)


2 Responses

  1. Your post title is so clever. Also, you need a night for yourself every once in awhile. Don’t feel guilty about the money–it’s those nights that keep us sane!

  2. I’m glad you had a night out for yourself–you DESERVE it!

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