Flashback: Spring 2007

This guy posted an update on his adorable pup, and the mirror incident reminded me of one of Badass’s best stories ever.

Badass was going through the mirror stage. That is to say that he finally “noticed” the reflection in the mirror. He would bark at himself, even at us- at our reflection in the mirrors or windows. He was so sure that something sketchy was going on.

We were back in the master bathroom one night. WH was taking a bath (shuttup- our tub has jets), and I was sitting on the toilet (shuttup- I wasn’t *using* it, just perching so as to talk to WH.). Monster, our big fat orange tabby was, of course, perched on the edge of the tub. In the opposite corner, the inside corner, WH had a full glass of Sprite and an full ashtray.

Badass was sitting in front of the half-wall that closes the toilet in from the rest of the bathroom. The toilet faces the tub. From where he was sitting, he could see my reflection and his own in the mirrored doors of my walk-in closet. He started huffing and barking- soft and low- at his own reflection. Nearly out of habit, without thinking at all, I looked into the mirror, put my hands up near my head and made a funny face.

The next moment is somewhat of a blur. Badass lit up and started full out barking. This scared Monster, who tried to jump into the inside corner of the tub ledge, thereby knocking the full Sprite and the ashtray into the bathtub with WH. In fact, Monster was spared a sticky swim only because WH grabbed his back legs mid-air and redirected him to the bathroom floor. All the while, Badass is snarling, growling and barking at the mirror, and I am trying not to laugh.

WH looked at me. I looked at him, sitting in our garden tub, surrounded by cigarette butts floating by, ashes sinking to the bottom of the tub, and lost it. I laughed so hard I cried, and thank goodness I was already super close to the toilet, because I might have pissed myself.

My punishment was cleaning out the bathtub.

It was totally worth it.


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