Mixed Success

Remember ma spinaches? Okay, well, they were not so much spinaches as they were lettuces. Anyway.

The onions are looking good. The carrots are not. The cabbage and broccoli transplants are coming along beautifully. The cabbage and broccoli seeds never germinated. We’re awash in lettuces, but the spinaches no showed. Up to our knees in zucchini and squash plants, but nary a cucumber. Still waiting on some of the other stuff. Tomato transplants are doing well. My herb and flower bed is coming along- my peppermint and oregano plants are rockin’, and my chives and oregano are coming up. So far, though, no luck with the spearmint. Sunflowers and nasturtiums are starting up, but no johnny jump ups.

We’re going to put transplants in where the seeds didn’t come up and start on our plans for next year. We sowed too early- there were a few frosty nights after we laid seed, and even though we covered the garden, that doesn’t keep the soil from getting too cold. Lesson learned- next year we’ll be starting our seeds indoors, mid-February. Second lesson learned- our last frost date is closer to May 15th, not April 15th. Must be the elevation.

So far, we oscillate between being disgusted with the whole thing and obsessing over how to correct our mistakes this year and do better next year. I’ve ordered every garden and seed catalog I can find, and our evenings are spent perusing “garden porn” and discussing the merits of cover crops and raised beds.

I think it’s safe to say we’re addicted. Now I just have to get WH to give up his compass and his measuring tape and give up on mathematical precision in plant placement. This was supposed to be fun, right?


4 Responses

  1. I really, really, really want to start a garden, preferably organic, but I have this fear of the cats and the raccoon and our nightly visitor possum pooping in the garden. Is this a rational fear? Or am I just using that to procrastinate?

  2. I think carrots need pretty soft dirt to grow properly. I am not sure how you accomplish that, but I remember my grandma telling me that about carrots and onions.

  3. Ahh, the hobbies that turn into a job. It’s why I haven’t started scrapbooking. I would never stop!

  4. Izzy,

    Yes and no. Some people have problems with cats pooping in their garden. I have four cats, and all I’ve found so far are paw prints. Of course, with four cats and a German Shepard, I don’t really have issues with possums or raccoons, but my understanding is that they prefer old McDonald’s and last night’s dinner to fresh veggies. 😉

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