I Surrender

I’ve avoided MySpace for eons now. I don’t know why. Partially because I was pouting. Partially because it’s kind of creepy. Partially because the internet is already a time and energy vortex for me. Partially because I have the blog. Anyway.

R&B are out of work today. The closing is done. There is still plenty to do- way too much to do- and yet…..

I waved the white flag and set up a MySpace profile. It’s all downhill from here.

What’s up with those people that don’t have the little contact me boxes on their pages? Is there a MySpace for Dummies?

What kind of MySpace etiquette do I need to know about?

Oh, this is going to be bad………..


3 Responses

  1. Welcome friend! šŸ™‚ I surrendered a long long time ago. It is blocked on my network at the office though so only checking in from home! šŸ™‚

    Just search for me by my full name Tricia ______ (you know that part) and you can be my friend!

  2. good luck! i definitely just deleted my myspace, heh.

  3. I only do myspace so I can keep tabs on my daughters activities. I did find an old friend on there, which was awesome, but mainly I find it to be kind of boring. You can only change your background so many times, ya know?

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