Wildflower Weekend

Thanks to everyone who entered my Pay It Forward. More news on that tomorrow.

Saturday WH and I spent all day in the garden, planting. Let’s hope that those itty bitty seeds do their germinating thing and I can post some seedling pics this time next week.

Sunday, we got up early, hit the Cracker Barrel and then hit the hottest wildflower spot in Paradise. I must have hiked at least eight miles, and my final photo count was just under three hundred. I’m sore this morning, but in a good way.

Here are the fruits of my labor.

Now that I’ve bribed you with pretty pictures, it’s time to tell you that I will be a little scarce this week. Drama Girl’s departure means training a new receptionist and making sure that B gets a good handle on her new position. I have a paper due for my Accounting class on Wednesday that I haven’t even started yet. My internet broke over the weekend, so I have no research either. I’ll be posting tomorrow about the Pay It Forward, but I’ll be lucky to post anything else until after class on Wednesday at the earliest.

Happy Monday, internet!


3 Responses

  1. hmm.. now I want Cracker Barrel. Yum.

  2. I like the first flower the best!

  3. Love the pictures–gorgeous! I’ve also got a pretty busy week this week. I’m hoping to keep up with blogging, but we’ll just have to see how things go. I hope work isn’t TOO insane!

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