WH and I had an okay night. He got me some beautiful roses, and turned cow manure into my garden. We went out to dinner, argued through dinner, made up on the way home, and then he went to work.

Which is about when I started to realize that even though I thought my stomach had recovered from a bad breakfast decision, it had not. This, of course, was after eating a fried chicken salad with extra dressing. At my lowest point, I laid on the cold tile floor in the bathroom and wished for death. It did not come.

My little late night adventure continued until about 9am this morning, when I finally fell asleep. I’m sticking with shredded wheat tonight, and should be 100% in the morning. Note to generic grocery store yogurt makers- if you’re going to put aspartame in yogurt, you should put a big fat label on it that says SUGAR FREE. Then people like me, for whom aspartame inspires digestive problems on an incapacitating level would not accidentally buy your yogurt and end up wishing for the sweet relief of death on a cold tile floor at four in the morning. Thanks.

I think WH and I turned a corner last night, despite our Anniversary Argument. I can tell you for sure that we won’t ever see eye to eye on Unexpected Bill’s place in our time and energy consumption. I did tell him that I’m still reeling from everything we’ve been through, and he was surprised (which is half of my point entirely), but he understood. When he left for work, he apologized for making such a mess of our lives. That really helped- to hear him take responsibility for his part in everything, and acknowledging the effect it’s had on me.

He has a job interview for a super cool quasi-government job tomorrow. The pay isn’t great, but it’s more than he makes now, and the potential is huge. HUGE.

In lighter news, go check out Semi-Charmed Wife’s review of your truly. Boy, I’ve got her fooled, don’t I?! Thanks so much, Semi-Charmed, for your kind words.

I will be investigating prizes for my own Pay It Forward this week, so look for that post sometime next week.

Now I will delve back into my garden plan, which has morphed from a jotted list and a grid paper sketch to a full blown spreadsheet. Is there any aspect of my life that can’t be tracked via Excel?


2 Responses

  1. And I meant every word! Seriously–I heard from a few people that I referred to your site (your anniversary post was up) that your honesty and way with words just blew them away. You’ve got quite the fan club going on here. We’re rooting for you!

  2. That is great that you turned a corner. I hope he gets that job! Good luck to him!

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